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    Gillian Anderson Watch our interview with Gillian Anderson to find out more about her first book, 'A Vision of Fire'.

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    Game On! The X-Files Board Game is coming October 15th from IDW Games!

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    What's Next? Chris Carter talks about his new pilot 'The After', coming from Amazon Originals.

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    Joe Harris Meet the scribe, the man and the fan behind "The X-Files: Season 10"

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    XFN Exclusive Chris Carter shares a few words with us on the past, present and future of The X-Files.

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New show from Howard Gordon - Legends

file 201035 0 Sean Bean-320x180Execitive producer of "The X-Files" and "Homeland", Howard Gordon, has a new drama coming to TNT in August. "Legends" from Howard Gordon and Alexander Cary, and "Fringe" co-executive producer, David Wilcox, is set to premiere Wednesday, August 20th, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

"Legends" stars Sean Bean from "Game of Thrones" as a deep-undercover FBI agent who may be losing his grip on reality and is based on the novel by Robert Littell.

Check out the trailer below which was just premiered at the SXSW film festival and head on over to TV Wise for more info. 



Gillian Anderson's New Drama 'Sold' to Premiere at the Indian Film Festival in LA

Gillian Anderson has a new film set to premiere this Spring in Los Angeles at the Indian Film Festival. Sold tells the story of a girl who risks everything for freedom after being trafficked from a village in the mountains of Nepal to a brothel in India.

The film is directed by Jeffrey D. Brown and produced by Emma Thompson. It also stars David Arquette and Seema Biswas. Sold is adapted from the Patricia McCormick novel based on true events.

The Indian Film Festival runs April 8-13 at the ArcLight Hollywood. For more information on their full line up for this festival, please head over to their website.

Sold is also being show at other festivals throughout the country. For more festival dates and information please check here.

For more information about Sold, please check the Deadline article.

Gillian Anderson Headed Back to Reddit

Last week, Gillian Anderson crashed Chris Carter's Reddit AMA, and in a week she'll be headed back for more. Mark your calendars because Gillian will be participating in her third Ask Me Anything session in the IAmA subreddit on March 13th at 3:30pm ET. 

With Hannibal having just premiered and the start of Crisis right around the corner, the actress has a whole lot to ask questions about. So if you're dying to know what she's been up to, or if you'd like to be the first one to get in a comment about "Bad Blood", you'll have your chance. 

Watch our Twitter and Facebook on the day of for a link as soon as the thread goes live.  

XFN Exclusive: Scully's B-day Charity Adds IDW Artworks to Benefit SA-Yes

The final round of Scully's Birthday Charity is just around the corner and some of the upcoming auctions had been kept a secret, until now. You will have a shot at owning these one-of-a-kind, amazing artworks by IDW graphic artists Carlos Valenzuela, menton3, and Michael Walsh plus the talented creations by Janca, Finja Wölfinger and Iris Coster.

The artworks were donated by the artists exclusively to this drive and have been autographed by Gillian Anderson and the artists themselves. All the collected funds will benefit SA-Yes and you can check out the listings STARTING ON MARCH 6TH at heART for Charity & X-Philantropy's Ebay pages. The previous rounds have been an astounding success so don't miss your chance to get your hands on one of these pieces and help out one great cause.


heART for Charity - Worrynet

You can't go many places in the X-Files fandom without seeing her artwork. Worrynet is famous for her adorable Mulder and Scully cartoons, and today we're getting to know her a little bit better. Worry participated in the first heART for Charity auctions, and she is back again with two different pieces up for auction.

A stunning set of Tarot Cards already went on a previous round but more  of her is currently being auctioned here. All proceeds will benefit SA-YES

Hit the jump to learn all about Worrynet

Read more: heART for Charity - Worrynet

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