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    What's Next? Chris Carter talks about 'The After' - his new pilot, possibly coming up for series on Amazon Originals.

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    Joe Harris Meet the scribe, the man and the fan behind "The X-Files: Season 10"

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    [#XFTurns20] "The X-Files" premiered on Sept. 10th, 2013. Today, Cast & Crew celebrate twenty years of amazing television.

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    XFN Exclusive Chris Carter shares a few words with us on the past, present and future of The X-Files.

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A Little More Info About 'The After'.

chris carterAmazon Studios is moving forward with The After. Like other Amazon Studios projects, the success of this show depends on viewers so make sure you tune in to watch. The After will be made available on Amazon Instant Video in early 2014

Amazon released a few more details about Chris Carter's new project, saying: "The After follows eight strangers who are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation." The series is set to star: Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy, Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Adrian Pasdar and Louise Monot.

In a statement, Chris Carter said, "This is a show that explores human frailty, possibility, terror, and the triumph of the human spirit."

IWTB Socks! Say Whaaaaa!?

So the guys at Foot Cardigan are running a poll to determine if they should bring a limited quantity of these amazing socks to be sold to the general public. Traditionally they only work with subscriptions but the demand has been remarkable enough that they're willing to give it a thought. What do you say if we convince them?

Go to their website and subscribe to their alerts. If they gather enough interest they will let you know when/if they become available!



An Afternoon With Gillian Anderson

Fans in Chicago are in for a treat. Gillian Anderson will be at her alma mater, The DePaul Theatre School, for an hour long Q&A session. The sure to be entertaining event takes place on November 16th. Doors will open at 2:30 PM and the talk is scheduled to begin at 3:00PM. Following the Q&A there will be an autograph and picture-taking session. Sign-up quickly because only 90 tickets will be sold.

The price of admission is $100 and includes an autograph of one item. Each additional autograph will be $20 and you can also pre-purchase a photo-op using your own camera or cellphone for $25. 

All funds raised at this event benefit the NF cause, a charity close to Gillian's heart. Learn more about NF at www.nfnetwork.org.

afternoon ga

UK's X-Files Charity Event Recap

Agent Scully once said that "what can be imagined can be achieved, that [we] must dare to dream, but that there's no substitute for perseverance and hard work and teamwork, because no one gets there alone"; that is especially true of the X-Files charity event in Manchester that took place on October 13th, 2013.

The product of a few disgruntled British fans venting on Twitter about the lack of 20th anniversary events in the UK, the event was a resounding success and raised an impressive amount for Gillian Anderson's charity SA-YES.

I decided several months ago that it was one thing to complain about the 20th anniversary events schedule and another to actually stand up and do something about it. I approached SA-YES about the possibility of a fundraiser and Manchester's FAB Cafe about hosting a charity screening night; they graciously donated their venue to us for the evening. Countless hours sat sending emails resulted in some fantastic prizes for our raffle. Huge thanks go to La La Land Records, Erica Fraga who not only donated signed copies of her book LAX-Files but also sent over a number of uncut trading card sheets signed by dozens of show alumni, and Under The Floorboards. The limited edition posters donated by Under the Floorboards benefit the US neurofibromatosis charity, another cause close to Gillian's heart, so please consider heading over to their website and purchasing one if you haven’t already. Without the prizes no one would have bought raffle tickets or quiz sheets so everyone’s generosity contributed hugely to our grand total.

During the night we watched several episodes of The X-Files on our big screen, kicking off the night with the "Pilot". "Bad Blood" brought the house down before our quiz uncovered who the true Philes were. Congratulations to team Tray of Death on their complete annihilation of the competition, I'm still shocked that you managed to answer some of those! Thanks also go to Keva Andersen in helping to compile the questions. Gillian sent over several signed items from 8x10 photos to old magazines and comics. After the quiz my co-host Julie Baron who came along to represent SA-YES auctioned Gillian's items off, more thanks to our guests for digging deep, bidding high and going out in the cold and rain to find a cash point!

After our third and final episode - "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" - we were able to relax. Our special anniversary cake was shared with those guests who had stayed the night but only after a rousing rendition of "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" which I'm sure will be haunting us for many years to come. We also announced the total raised during the evening, an impressive £300, which will go a long way to helping disadvantaged youth in South Africa.

A great time was had in Manchester and as Julie and I left the venue at 1am the words "next time" and "next year" had already been uttered. It has been a wonderful experience working with SA-YES to run this event and I hope we are able to move forward and hopefully go bigger and better in the future. UK Philes - watch this space.


'The X-Files' Conspiracy - Are You Ready?

File this under... "Wut!?"

Don't get us wrong. We love ALL things X-Files, but we gotta admit to be quite curious about IDW Publishing's new release of The X-Files: Conspiracy #1 and The X-Files: Conspiracy - Ghostbusters. You see, The X-Files will be sharing "screentime" with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and Ghostbusters, all properties in development by IDW.

In a spread that's supposed to extend through 2014, according to Bleeding Cool, The X-Files: Conspiracy #1 (of 2) will be out in January. Written by Paul Crilley, art by John Stanisci and colors by Miran Kim, it's said that "The Lone Gunmen discover Internet files from future; they learn that a plague will soon wipe out most of humanity. With Agents Mulder and Scully working one lead, the Gunmen must spring into action and investigate several urban legends: a group of ghost-hunters, mutant turtles that live in the sewers, shape-changing alien robots, and a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave!"

Also in January, The X-Files: Conspiracy - Ghostbusters written by Erik Burnham, art by Salvador Navarro and colors by Miran Kim. "The Lone Gunmen investigate their first lead, the Ghostbusters. Are they frauds and charlatans, bilking unwitting clients out of money? Or do they have special insight into the afterlife? And how are they connected to the plague that’s poised to wipe out humanity?"

These two issues will "Roll Out" in the same month and already have gathered a lot of attention from fanboys and fangirls alike. This is not the first time that IDW has engaged in property crossovers and we're sincerely intrigued by how these will play out.

This story line won't be part of The X-Files: Season 10, if you were getting ready to ask, so expect to have a whole lot of X-Files purchases to make at your local comic book store during 2014.


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