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Review: Better Call Saul - Uno

bcsposterSince the finale of Breaking Bad and the announcement that Bob Odenkirk's character Saul Goodman would lead his own spin-off, Better Call Saul, I've been tweaking... uh... I mean... eagerly awaiting my next fix of Vince Gilligan.

From the black and white flash-forward open, full of wide angle and POV shots, revealing Saul, now Gene, as the manager of a Cinnabon, and then jumping back in time to the stark, almost depressingly bland scenes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, it's clear we are back in Vince Gilligan's world.

For anyone who hasn't seen Breaking Bad– I'm assuming there has to be a few people left –the show revolves around Saul Goodman, for now, simply known by his given name, Jimmy McGill.

Better Call Saul takes place in 2002, and Jimmy is hard up for clients; he's a criminal attorney who, despite trying to make it big, ends up defending the worst of the worst at the public defender's office. Low on cash, taking care of a brother with a mysterious illness, and basically painting the picture of an everyman loser with big dreams, you can't help but feel for the guy.

Sound familiar? I can already feel this show setting me up for a Walter White type of heartbreak.

And I can't wait!

Though the episode has many callbacks to Breaking Bad, the beauty of Better Call Saul is that it holds up perfectly well on its own. Unlike many spin-offs, this is one I'd be perfectly happy watching without any prior knowledge of the characters involved. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have done a great job writing the pilot and should be very proud. Long story short: Better Call Saul looks to have all the ingredients for a great new show.

Hit the jump for the full recap and review.

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Millennium Monday: Recap of "Pilot"

Welcome to the first Millennium Recap. Here we’ll be recapping episodes of Millennium with a series of bullet points, many of which formed the bulk of tweets during our weekly #XFNMLM rewatches on Twitter. We’re a long way behind starting this series but we hope you’ll enjoy these recaps regardless. Read after the jump for our recap of S01xE01 - "PIlot".

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Featured Video - Back To The Beginning

Even when the world had lost its style and not quite forgotten the 80s, they were our constants, our touchstones. Enjoy today's Fanvid Friday selection: Back to the Beginning by Pteryx Videos.


TBT Review: Topps The X-Files #2


2 CoverOur bi-weekly look back at the classic X-Files comics published by Topps in the mid-1990s continues with issue #2: "A Dismembrance of Things Past". 

Read after the jump for our recap.










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'Holy Cow' Contest Winners & Answers

Holy Cow CoverLast week we ran a contest to celebrate the release of David Duchovny's debut novel, Holy Cow, which is published tomorrow. Read on to find out who the winners of the three signed copies are, and uncover the answers to our tricky questions.

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