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Featured Video - Last Friday Night

Better late than never, enjoy this new brand new vid from walkingaftertime, Last Friday Night.


Recap & Review: Scorpion's "Kill Screen"


Happy New Year, everyone!

Scorpion kicks 2015 off with a very strong episode featuring the littlest member of their team, Paige's son, Ralph. The episode is dynamic and fresh, featuring as always the team's best attributes and bringing to light issues that had been put on the back burner for a while.

For the full recap and review, just hit Read More.

Read more: Recap & Review: Scorpion's "Kill Screen"

Review: IDW's Xmas Special


Have you been naughty or nice this year? Are you getting coal or a shiny gift with a big bow? Do you even care for the holiday? We're completely aware that amongst our readers there are just too many different beliefs to try and clump everyone into one big Santa gift bag.

And so, the folks at IDW delivered a Xmas Special that challenges believers and nonbelievers alike with two stories from The X-Files: Season 10 and The X-Files: Year Zero, both which present us with intrigue and mischief during this magical time of the year.

For our brief recaps and reviews of these two stories, click on "read more"

Read more: Review: IDW's Xmas Special

Recap & Review: Scorpion's Mid-Season Finale


Xmas is everywhere; it's just around the corner, and well, also Chanukah and most other celebrations including New Years. For Scorpion's mid-season finale, because we have plenty of those these days, the team didn't look away from this celebration; well, they tried, but no such luck.

In a nutshell, as Paige tries to infuse the whole team with Xmas spirit, they stumble upon an emergency case for team Scorpion. A kid is trapped in a sinkhole and only they can employ their varied talents to save him from a sure death. But a lot more happens.

Click on "read more" for the full recap and my review.

Read more: Recap & Review: Scorpion's Mid-Season Finale

Featured Video - Getting ya-yas out.

The X-Files wasn't always action and aliens and angst. Sometimes our favorite duo got a little silly. With that in mind, enjoy this little nugget from KatrinDepp as todays Fan-vid Friday selection.


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