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    Gillian Anderson Watch our interview with Gillian Anderson to find out more about her first book, 'A Vision of Fire'.

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    Game On! The X-Files Board Game is coming October 15th from IDW Games!

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    What's Next? Chris Carter talks about his new pilot 'The After', coming from Amazon Originals.

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    Joe Harris Meet the scribe, the man and the fan behind "The X-Files: Season 10"

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    XFN Exclusive Chris Carter shares a few words with us on the past, present and future of The X-Files.

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Review: The X-Files: Season 10 #14

I know, I know… I’m about a month late on this review… blame it on SDCC hangover. I was not shying away from reviewing this issue, believe me, I was actually very keen to do it because it provoked quite an interesting reaction from parts of the fandom since the previews came through the grapevine.

I’m excited to address some, if not all, of the talked about topics, but first, on to the basics. A spoiler-filled review and further opinions after the jump.






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SDCC: IDW Signing With Joe Harris and Joe Corroney

If you are at SDCC right now, run! No, there's no need for a panic face, but run! Joe Harris and Joe Corroney are signing autographs for fans at 12PM local time at the IDW booth #2643, convention floor. They both have their own booths in the artist's alley. Joe Harris is at BB-03 and Joe Corroney is at GG-08.

And if you can, stick around until 5PM for the IDW: Comics Make For Great Games panel. They're gonna talk about the much anticipated X-Files board game out this summer! You may even get to play a game or two. The panel is in Room 4.

SDCC Day 1: The Schedule.

At SDCC this week? Here's the dirt on Thursday, July 24th:

11:20AM - Look for us outside Ballroom 20 for goodies!!!

12PM - Scorpion Panel - Robert Patrick will join his cast and Crew for this new show. Expect our coverage!

12PM - Joe Harris will be at IDW #2643

12:30PM - Legends Panel - Howard Gordon's new show screens for the audience and he'll be with cast and crew to share the experience and a Q&A.

2PM - Joe Harris will be at Oni Press #1833

4:45PM - Hannibal: Embrace the Madness - Producers and Cast of the show (Sadly without Gillian Anderson) will be talking to Fannibals and the upcoming season.

Also Joe Corroney is on "Artist's Alley" booth GG-08 and Francisco Francavilla is at II-14.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's appeareances! 

Review: The X-Files: Year Zero #1

In “The X-Files: Year Zero”, our heroes are once again on the case, this time hot on the tail (hehe) of a shape-shifting cat. Or is it human? In this case, it’s a black leopard, but either way, it provides for some classic Mulder and Scully banter, leads us all the way back to 1946, and introduces us to some just as lovable new agents, Bing Ellison and Humility Ohio.

Year Zero is sure to satisfy both Philes and new readers alike. This issue, written true to character by Karl Kesel, is a solid first outing and well worth the read.

Take the jump and read on for the full spoilerific review:

Read more: Review: The X-Files: Year Zero #1

NEW 'Fight The Future' Score to be Released!

You heard that right! A 'new' score for the blockbuster hit The X-Files: Fight The Future will be released as soon as noon of July 29th, 2014, Pacific Standard Time.

The release, brought to you by the folks at La-La Land and 20th Century Fox, is a remastered and expanded tracklist by the talented composer of the series, Mr. Mark Snow. Four previously unreleased tracks are included in the final list.

According to the producers: 

This special limited edition release features much improved sound and contains some music not previously released. Also, the incorrectly reversed stereo channels on the original soundtrack release have been corrected here. Produced by Mark Snow and Nick Redman, and mastered by Mike Matessino, this exciting release also contains exclusive liners by writer Julie Kirgo and an updated print interview with Snow conducted by film music writer Randall D. Larson. 

The score will be available through La-La Land Records website and other online soundtrack boutiques; only 3000 copies were produced in this limited edition, and it will be sold at a retail price of $19.98. 

For a complete track list, click READ MORE.

Read more: NEW 'Fight The Future' Score to be Released!

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