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    What's Next? Chris Carter talks about 'The After' - his new pilot, possibly coming up for series on Amazon Originals.

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    Joe Harris Meet the scribe, the man and the fan behind "The X-Files: Season 10"

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    [#XFTurns20] "The X-Files" premiered on Sept. 10th, 2013. Today, Cast & Crew celebrate twenty years of amazing television.

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    XFN Exclusive Chris Carter shares a few words with us on the past, present and future of The X-Files.

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XFN - Videos

XFN Exclusive: 'The After' - 2nd Sneak Peek Clip

You already enjoyed a first look brought to you by our friends at EW.com - but now its our turn to bring you another intriguing piece of the thrilling puzzle that Chris Carter has created with The After.

The pilot will be available VERY SOON and will be free to watch for all Amazon.com customers; you don't have to be a Prime member to be able to enjoy the episode when it airs. Make sure to stay glued to our website and all of our social media for the announcement!

This clip is full of interesting clues, and we can't wait to hear your theories. What hides in the darkness? Who's watching? Whose voices filter from beyond? Who is that blonde girl? And please, do tell us...why, oh why are there clowns?!

Creepy, that's all we have to say, for now.

Dissect away. Nitpick your hearts out. We're all ears.

Stay tuned for more information on what aims to be one great ride.

EW: First Look at 'The After'

Quick and straight from the presses! EW delivers a first look into Chris Carter's The After!

The premiere date is still to be announced but stay tuned, for MORE to come about this exciting new pilot from the creator of all things Ten Thirteen.


Scully’s 50th Birthday – A Charity Auction Event for SA-YES

Most of you know that this coming February 23rd, 2014 marks Dana Scully's 50th Birthday. Many a celebration are planned around the fandom, and one of them is the amazing effort by heART & X-Philantropy.

Starting on February 12th and ending on March 9th, a series of weekly auctions will offer a variety of items from The X-Files and Gillian Anderson, gathered by X-Philantropy, and amazing and beautiful artwork by varied artists that will feature portraits and scenes inspired by The X-Files and the actors of the show curated by heART. All the items will be signed by Gillian Anderson and all proceeds will benefit SA-Yes, the charity of her choice.

We've teamed up with the organizers to deliver you a lot more information about this event, including more detailed information about the offered items and profile interviews with some of the artists, in a weekly round up of the upcoming auctions and much more useful information for your enjoyment.

In the mean time, check out their website, where you can find details about the people involved and their mission. Stay tuned for our weekly deliveries associated to this beautiful event.

Featured Video - Fear is How We Fall

Every now and then a video comes along that kicks us right in the chest. This is an enduring reminder of what we love about The X-Files and why so many philes have had a 20-year love affair with this show. Brought to you by snakey973, Fear is How We Fall will inspire you to watch all 9 seasons and both films all over again.

Broken News: Gillian Anderson Edition

Wondering what everyone's favorite leading lady has been up to these days? Well the answer is one heck of a lot. Gillian Anderson has some great new projects coming up that will be sure to keep us all watching and reading for a long while to come. Here's the latest:


The second season of NBC's Hannibal premieres February 28th at 10/9c. Gillian will be resuming her role as Dr. Lecter's personal psychiatrist, Bedelia Du Maurier. Her tumultuous recent history with dangerous patients is sure to continue as the truth about Hannibal Lecter's famous gourmet meals comes to light. If you have yet to watch the series, we highly recommend it. There's some fantastic writing, and Dr. Du Maurier will keep you guessing. 

Check out the recap of season one here and the trailer for season two here. There's also a leaked promo heavily featuring Gillian that has been floating around the internet. But we have no idea where it is. We would never lie. We willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation:


Gillian's newest television project is another NBC show, premiering this March 16th at 10/9c. Crisis is a thriller centering around the kidnapped children of some of Washington DC's most influential people. Gillian plays Meg Fitch, a powerful CEO whose daughter is kidnapped. Check out the preview below: 

EarthEnd Saga

We will soon be seeing Gillian put pen to paper again, but not in the screenplay format we're accustomed to. Instead of television or film, we will be seeing her work in a Simon & Schuster franchise called EarthEnd Saga. This science fiction novel series will be co-written with Jeff Rovin, and the first book, A Vision of Fire will be released in October.

As described by EW, the novel "centers on Caitlin O’Hara, a world-traveling child psychiatrist who specializes in treating kids who’ve suffered trauma from natural disasters and war. She’s a grounded personality – she has a son, who is deaf, and everything she knows about the world is challenged when she begins treating a uniquely troubled young girl." Check out Entertainment Weekly for more details on the project.

Doodle 4 NF

We might still be in the grips of winter, but later this spring the annual Doodle 4 NF auctions will be going live. As part of NF Awareness Month this May, doodles drawn many different celebrities will be up for auction, including those by some of your favorite X-Files stars. When the auctions get closer, we'll keep you updated, but until then, make sure you follow Doodle 4 NF on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. 

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