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Welcome to XFN

We’re the only fan news website authorized by 20th Century Fox to advertise The X-Files franchise since 2008.

Since then, we’ve actively promoted The X-Files cast and crew in their current projects, keeping fans connected.

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He's everyone's favorite boss, yet over the years Assistant Director Walter Skinner has been poisoned, blackmailed, framed for murder, and shot. Not even all that has stopped him however, and he's still going strong to this day helping Mulder and Scully whenever he can. Read after the jump to discover our top ten Skinner moments.

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Topps Recap Header

In this week's issue of The X-Files comic the series goes back to its roots with a classic one-shot involving aliens, unhelpful local law enforcement, Mulder in peril, and an angry Scully. Find out all about "Falling" after the jump.

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If Holy Cow and its impending musical special aren't enough for you, then you're in luck. David Duchovny's second novel will be headed to shelves next year! Bucky F&%@ing Dent "is a story of the bond between fathers and sons, Yankee fans and the Fenway faithful, and grapples with the urgent need to find our story in an age of irony and artifice".

The book will be released on April 5th, 2016. Very much in line with "The Unnatural", David seems to be keeping with his love of the game: 

When Ted hears the news that his estranged father, Marty, is dying of lung cancer, he immediately moves back into his childhood home, where a whirlwind of revelations ensues. The browbeating absentee father of his youth is living to make up for lost time, but his health dips drastically whenever his beloved Red Sox lose. And so, with help from a crew of neighborhood old-timers and the lovely Mariana--Marty's Nuyorican grief counselor--Ted orchestrates the illusion of a Sox winning streak, enabling Marty and the Red Sox to reverse the Curse of the Bambino and cruise their way to World Series victory. Well, sort of.

 You can pre-order a copy of Bucky F&%@ing Dent now on Amazon

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In case you missed it, Gillian anderson will be attending the FanExpo Canada in Toronto this weekend. She will be signing autographs on Satuday 5th and holding a panel on Sunday 6th. You don't want to miss out; the lady will be auctioning off coveted #XFilesRevival hats like the ones worn by her and many others of the cast and crew. If you're in attendance, you'll have the opportunity to bid for one of them, autographed by Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian herself.

The second one will be auctioned during a separate auction later this year. All proceeds will go to charity.


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"I think you missed a spot here. I can see straight through to his ass."

 Special Agent Fox Mulder - "Je Souhaite"



Did you know...?

The address in Samantha Mulder's file, 2790 Vine Street, is the former address of The X-Files production office in Vancouver.


Golem (noun):

In Jewish folklore, a golem is magically created from inanimate matter and transformed into a humanoid entity. It was featured in episode 15 of season 4, Kaddish, and sort of in that one season 6 episode where Mulder and Scully totally go undercover as a married couple and hilarity ensues even though they fight the evils of a garbage-golem.