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A Closer Look to the 'Bedelia' and 'Stella' Stores

We've been talking quite a lot about these fantastic items at the Bedelia Du Maurier and the Stella Gibson stores, but we thought after seeing them in person at the Montreal ComicCon 2013 that they deserved a special spotlight!

Tomorrow, Sunday 15th will be the last day that they will be available at Gillian Anderson's booth!

Not only are they benefiting great charitable causes like VDAY, A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls Worldwide and REFUGE, an association dedicated to stop domestic violence and treat and bring education to victims, families and members of law enforcement, but they're also great items, of the highest quality, especially selected by Gillian Anderson with her fans in mind.

Read more: A Closer Look to the 'Bedelia' and 'Stella' Stores

Lightspeed Fine Arts X-Files Auctions

One of the things you can miss are these items up for auction by Lightspeed Fine Arts, as announced by GAWS. These are coveted scripts, autographed by Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Chris Carter. Head on over to Ebay, where you'll find certified original - mint condition issues of the scripts for Scary Monsters, John Doe and Signs and Wonders.

Stay tuned for more collectible auctions coming from these and other organizations!






Montreal ComicCon 2013 - Day One in Pictures

We know, we know! Not everyone can make it to Montreal and enjoy all the awesome, but no reason why we shouldn't try to share with all of you a glimpse of what's going on up north! Especially when this lady is in attendance!

If you want to enjoy all the pictures from the first day, rush over to our Facebook gallery, where you can enjoy EXCLUSIVE pictures from Gillian Anderson's autograph signing, Michael Berryman's panel and autograph signing, as well as a lot of great pictures of collectibles and fans alike.

As a reminder, if you'll be in attendance to the convention during the weekend, if you plan to purchase autographs with Gillian Anderson, they are marked at $60 and photo sessions are $55. If you want a personalized autograph, it will cost $20 more and 8x10 pictures are an extra $5. Photo sessions will take place at C-Ph Photo Booth on Saturday at 2PM and Sunday at 1:45PM. Her panel and Q&A will happen on Sunday at 12:30PM at the Main Events Hall - Room 517.

Expect information tomorrow about her usual item auctions to happen during panel on Sunday.

Thanks so much to GAWS for their collaboration.

Gillian Anderson's Charities Heat Up!

If you're a Gillian Anderson fan, I'm sure that you love to collect and help out in all of the charitable causes that she supports and are dear to her heart.

I wouldn't want you to miss out on the chance of getting your hands in some new and very amazing items that she has been putting up for sale at Clothes Agency to benefit SA-YES. There you can find many items that have been featured in many of her public events, a lot of them are designer pieces.

Additionally, and I'm sure you know, Gillian has been portraying a pair of very powerful women; Bedelia Du Maurier in Hannibal and Stella Gibson in The Fall, both some of the hottest shows in Television. If you want to know how to get some really cool merchandise inspired in these fantastic characters, I have the details for you. 

First off, The Bedelia Du Maurier Store, features household items that are sure to spin a humorous side as you watch Hannibal prepare a ''tasteful'' meal on your TV. Proceeds from this store benefit VDAY: A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls Worldwide.

Then comes The Stella Gibson Store, offering some great items for home and office, and who can skip on slapping that great bumper sticker on your own patrol car?... I mean, am I the only one that daydreams about being a kick ass woman with a badge? Proceeds from this store go to REFUGE, which is an organization to stop domestic abuse.

All in all, I think Agent Scully would approve if you got her a X-mas present from any of these stores, so give the Dana Scully in you a treat and head right over to get good deals for a good deed!

Gillian Anderson and Michael Berryman at Montreal ComicCon

And it is convention weekend again and XFN will be there to cover every X-Files minute of it. We have been officially accredited to report live from Montreal ComicCon. This expo will take place over the weekend, September 13-15th in Montreal, PQ at the Palai des congres de Montreal.

Gillian Anderson and Michael Berryman are scheduled to attend. If you are attending, here's what you can look forward to this weekend. If you are unable to attend, fear no more because we will be reporting live directly from the con.

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