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Gillian Anderson at Emerald City Comicon 2013

The weekend is over and so is ECCC. We are sure everyone who attended the con had the best time of their lives. But don't be sad if you weren't able to be there. LAX-Files' Erica Fraga was there to cover the event. If you weren't able to catch our live tweeting through Fraga, not to worry. She has written a very detailed report for XFN and Andrea Gidusko (Andrea will be addiing more pictures to her website in the upcoming future) and Ashley Billig have provided the photographs which you can view on facebook.

Gillian Anderson has also posted a YouTube link on her twitter with the entire panel. You can check out the video below.


Here's Fraga's accounts of Gillian Anderson's panel:

"The mad dash to find enough seats for our group began at 12:30. Bobbing and weaving through the crowded Main Ballroom at the 2013 Emerald City ComicCon, myself and a few other fans finally secured seats 20 rows from the main stage.

With the lights dimned, moderator Buddy Levy takes the stage and begins by asking the crowd if they watch his show, "Decoded" on History Channel. A few sparse acknowledgements come his way from the crowd. We know why we're here and we are waiting for his special guest announcement. Levy then tells the crowd this is his first ComicCon and people were asking to take his picture as he wandered the gallery floor. Levy makes a point of saying he is a "newbie" at this.

With an accompaniment of thunderous applause and a standing ovation, a stunning Anderson, dressed in a cream-colored blouse, takes the stage. Despite a no-flash photography rule, flash bulbs are popping all around me. As Anderson shields her eyes to look into the crowd, Levy tells Anderson that there are thousands of people here for her. In customary fashion, Anderson responds with "holy shit!"

Anderson starts off by asking the audience if they have attend her previous conventions, then, chuckling, says we need to "lower our expectations" from her due to a poor memory, adding, "I don't remember anything from the show!" including Scully's abduction.

Levy's first question to Anderson is about her ability to switch from British to American accents, and visa versa, and wonders if she could do that at today's panel. The audience groans and Anderson pulls out the "Scully Eyebrow" at his question. After a few attempts, Anderson sticks to American stating her accent is dependent on the people around her.

Levy then asks Anderson how working on The X-Files shaped her life. Anderson says before landing the role she was worried about money to buy food. Once she landed the part there were so many moments that shaped her and she mentions meeting the father of her daughter.

Levy then asks if Anderson takes a bit of Scully with her in her life and to other roles. Anderson says she was offered lots of law enforcement type roles after The X-Files, but turned them down.

Levy switches it up and asks Anderson about her role on The Fall to which Anderson speaks about her role as Stella Gibson. Levy then asks about working in the US versus UK. Anderson knows more about the UK since that's where her work has been for the past few years and speaks fondly of filming in Ireland and Budapest.

Levy segways into Anderson's role as Wallis Simpson in Any Human Heart, and comments on how 'bitchy' her character was. Anderson doesn't remember this.

After 20 minutes, Levy opens the floor to the audience for questions. This leads us into our first audience question. A young lady starts crying as she looks at Anderson, and through her sobs and hiccups, asks Anderson if she has ever read fanfiction and what her favorite story is. Anderson has no idea what fanfiction is.

Another audience member asks if Anderson knew how she wanted to play Scully on screen. Anderson says Chris Carter knew exactly what type of character he wanted and, at times, Anderson struggled to bring that vision to life.

A bright young lady asks Anderson how she feels about portraying a "lasting feminist icon" to which Anderson replies "Yes. I'm grateful and happy to have played her for 9 years" and adds "but Stella is cooler than Scully."

The next question to Anderson is regarding the nature of her relationship to David Duchovny and if she ever pranked Duchovny on set. Anderson replies, "There were times we wanted to be on set, and sometimes not, but we spent more time together than with anyone in our lives." Anderson adds that she liked to pin clothespins on people's jackets on set. One time she pinned 56 clothespins on the back of Rob Bowman jacket. Her increasing giggling gave her away.

Another fan asks Anderson about her experience in writing/directing all things. Anderson can't remember details, just that she wrote the outline at 3am, which she took to Chris Carter and asked to write/direct her idea. Carter told her if it was good, he would let her film it. Frank Spotnitz helped her break down the scenes and was her mentor during the process. Anderson adds that all things helped her find confidence, and directing made her feel like a kid in a candy store, but adds after 5 days into filming, she wanted to quit because "it was so hard'. Anderson points out that The X-Files only had two female directors, referencing herself and Michelle MacLaren.

Another fans asks if Anderson ever kept any of Agent Scully's wardrobe. Anderson remembers wearing a plaid and a real one, but never took any suits home, but adds she does have a few trench coats and Scully's tombstone. She jokingly tells the audience she'll start the bidding for the tombstone at $100,000.

Another fan asks about working with Vince Gilligan. She responds with, "Vince is sweet, soft spoken, and innocuous."

Another fan pointed out that Anderson, as of late, is drawn to dark characters, and wonders if she has a dark side. Anderson says she takes the roles as they come, and says the dark roles are something she can't stay away from and she's blessed to have the opportunity to play them. She gives an example of playing Mrs. Castaway and says she didn't wear a lot of makeup for the role. It was just her being creepy.

When asked who her favorite X-Files villian is, Anderson says the creepiest episode was "Home." Levy then asks Anderson about Mulder's brother being kidnapped by aliens and the audience erupts in moans, with corresponding yells of, "his sister!"

Finally, the question you've all been waiting for. An audience member asks Anderson on the status of XF3. Her response, "Chris was working on it last I checked. And that's all I know."

Next fan asks Gillian if she will return to stage, specifically in the US. Anderson says she's working on a stage production set to start next year, which may end up in New York.

Echoing an earlier question, the next fan asks if Anderson can disconnect from all the dark and tortured characters she plays. While it hasn't been offered to her, Anderson thinks she would hesitate to play a truely insane character, but that due to her daughter growing up on set with her, she had trained her mind to turn off dark characters.

Next fan says he purchased a Nissan Leaf after seeing Anderson promoting it and wonders how she feels about Green environment. Anderson says she normally takes the London buses or trains, but due to her large family, actually owns and drives a Land Rover, adding that while she would like a Green car, her neighborhood only allows for one car.

Anderson mentions her latest projects, Hannibal and (NBC pilot) and also mentions recent voice work on a new Miyazaki film, Up On Poppy Hill, because her daughter loves his work so much and he has been such a big influence in her life. Anderson added that she tried to lower her voice as Moro in Princess Mononoke, to match the original Japanese voice actor, but could never get it low enough.

Another fan asks Anderson if she reads any scientific analysis done on The X-Files. Anderson says no, but a fan gave her a copy of Scully's dissertation yesterday so she will find time to read it.

Last question from the audience is about her favorite Charles Dickens book and if there was a role she would like to do next. Her favorite character is Pip because he's so innocent. Anderson tells story about Pip being asked by a convict to steal a file from his blacksmith father. She says it's a heartbreaking moment. Her description of his character is deep and insightful. At times, Anderson seems swept away with the emotional aspect of Pip. Truely, a moving experience to witness live."


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