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Genre Smash: Chris Carter on TV Creation & all things X-Files

"I want to start off talking about one of my favorite subjects, which is Dana Scully.” This is how host Kevin Ott started the conversation with Chris Carter at the Writers Guild Foundation Genre Smash Event on Tuesday. Philes and writers filled the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles to hear Chris' memories of The X-Files and thoughts on being successful in the television business.

The event started with a host Q&A and then fans were able to ask their own questions. If you followed along with us on Twitter you may have seen some of the highlights. We'll share what you missed if you weren't able to make it to the event!

From the very beginning, The X-Files went in different directions than most other TV shows. Chris described the trick of the show: "Mulder is always right. It's keeping it grounded in Scully, but you know Mulder's always right.”


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Scorpion: 'True Colors' Sneak Peeks

Who's ready for some dancing and some undercover work? Team Scorpion sure is!

Enjoy the sneak peeks for Monday's episode "True Colors"






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The X-Files Game is Good to Go!

Straight from Nate Murray, IDW Games' Marketing & Community Manager - Here comes a teaser of the approved printer proofs for the upcoming X-Files game. The final approval has been given to begin production. The game will be here very soon!


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