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Welcome to XFN

We’re the only fan news website authorized by 20th Century Fox to advertise The X-Files franchise since 2008.

Since then, we’ve actively promoted The X-Files cast and crew in their current projects, keeping fans connected to an ongoing evolution of television, film, publishing, and more.

From interviews and promotional coverage, to fan events and charity drives, XFilesNews is the home for all X-Philes on the internet.

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The UK fans are hosting a 20th Anniversary Party to benefit SA-YES!

If you want to attend, the event will be held at FAB Cafe in Manchester on October, 13th, 2013.

The entry fee is only £3 and they're going to screen three episodes, run a quiz and hopefully other surprises. Cosplay is encouraged, there will be themed cocktails on the night and the whole thing is in aid of Gillian Anderson's charity. Quiz entry fees and raffle ticket takings will also be going to the charity.

If you have any questions about directions, activities or ways to collaborate, you can contact Sophie Brown through her twitter page (@easyqueenie)


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Avi Quijada | Editor-In-Chief
Author: Avi Quijada | Editor-In-ChiefEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TV & Film Writer/Producer
Likes: The Sea, photography in general, writing...Ella Fitzgerald and Jamiroquai with some Incubus while pondering about Philosophy. Favorite Episodes: Ice, Darkness Falls, Pusher, Leonard Betts, Memento Mori, Unrequited, Redux I & II, Triangle, Milagro, All Things, TINH, Deadalive, Trust No 1, FTF, and IWTB.

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The Truth

"Why would I accept defeat? Why would I accept it, if you won't? Mulder, you say that you've failed, but you only fail if you give up. And I know you - you can't give up. It's what I saw in you when we first met. It's what made me follow you... why I'd do it all over again."

Dana Scully - "The Truth"

Did you know...?

"The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati", the second episode of the seventh season of the show, was the last to feature the characters of Deep Throat and Diana Fowley. Even though Mulder's former informant was killed at the end of Season 1, Jerry Hardin's character appears to Mulder in his dream state. Mimi Rogers's character also takes part of this alternate reality, but Fowley dies by the end of the episode after presumably helping Scully find Mulder.



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A "shipper" is a person wants two characters to get or continue being together. The term was created by The X-Files fandom, by fanfiction writers that entertained the Mulder and Scully relationSHIP. The fans of this pairing went on to call themselves "Shippers" but the term evolved to be a generalized term for all fandoms. To be a shipper of a pairing it means that you believe two characters should be together and is not limited to actually happening in the canon of the show, it's just a statement of affinity for a particular pairing.

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