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Featured Video - Getting ya-yas out.

The X-Files wasn't always action and aliens and angst. Sometimes our favorite duo got a little silly. With that in mind, enjoy this little nugget from KatrinDepp as todays Fan-vid Friday selection.


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Featured Video - A Parallel Universe

Our Fan-vid Friday selection this week comes from Snakey973. A Parallel Universe, exploring the parallels between Fight the Future and I Want to Believe. The visuals are gorgeous, and my eyes were opened to similarities I would have never spotted on my own.


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Featured Video - X-Files at the Musicals

Today's Fan-vid Friday selection serves a few purposes: to introduce you to the two newest members of the team here at XFN, to remind you that on November 30th we will be launching the Millennium re-watch with a three episode mini-marathon, and finally, to make you laugh you ass off.

Without further ado, enjoy this crack!vid by Sophie Brown and Keva Andersen and explore what The X-Files might have been like if soundtracked by Broadway showtunes. You won't regret it.


Be sure to follow Sophie and Keva on twitter and don't forget to follow @xfilesnews if you haven't already.

Welcome to the XFN family, guys!

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