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"Retired serial-profiler Frank Black has moved his family to Seattle to escape the violence and horror he dealt with while working for the FBI in Washington, D.C. Although his uncanny and often unsettling ability to see into the twisted minds of serial killers has caused him much inner torment, Black knows his 'gift' can still be used to help protect and save others. For that reason he has joined the mysterious Millennium Group, a team of underground ex-law enforcement experts dedicated to fighting against the ever-growing forces of evil and darkness in the world."

Hello everyone, and welcome to the X-Files News Millennium Re-Watch. This is an exciting month for both myself and my good friend Keva Andersen as we join the staff of X-Files News, so we hope you'll forgive us the occasional stumble as we get to grips with the site. The idea for running a complete Millennium re-watch was actually conceived of over the summer, but given the recent announcement from IDW and Joe Harris it was decided to bring the timeline forward and leap straight into it! First of all, please let me apologise for the delay in getting this introduction out to you all. I wrote the original draft for this post somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean on my way home from a much needed family vacation in Orlando and I'm finally back on top of things and ready to get started.

On November 30th we will be launching the Millennium re-watch with a three episode mini-marathon which will hopefully allow everyone to really get a feel for the show. The episode watches will then run every Sunday night at 10.30pm GMT with both myself and Keva live tweeting throughout under the hashtag #XFNMLM. We hope that many of you will join us over the coming months.

Keva and I are coming at the show from two very different perspectives; myself as someone who watched the show as a child (yeah, I know) during its original run in the 1990s, and Keva as a newbie whose experience of Frank Blank extends only so far as the season seven crossover episode of The X-Files. Whichever end of that spectrum you fall on we'd love to hear from you, however we do ask veterans to do their best to keep the conversation spoiler free! Each week I will be posting up an episode summary to recap events for anyone unable to join in on Sunday, along with highlights from the previous Sunday's twitter conversation.

I hope many of you will join us on November 30th for the marathon, and onwards for the rest of the series. For now you can follow Keva and I at @easyqueenie and @synergy3k (plus make sure you're also following @xfilesnews as well) and take a look at the schedule for the upcoming few months which covers the first half of season one:


November 30th:
10pm - Conversation begins on Twitter
10.13pm - Pilot
11.15pm - Gehenna
12.15am - Dead Letters

Dec 7th: The Judge

Dec 14th: 5-2-2-6-6-6

Dec 21st: Kingdom Come

Dec 28th: Christmas Break

Jan 4th: Blood Relatives and The Well-Worn Lock

Jan 11th: Wide Open

Jan 18th: The Wild and The Innocent

Jan 25th: Weeds

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IDWxfgameIDW's The X-Files board game will soon be available to Philes everywhere. On Wednesday, creator Kevin Wilson took to twitter with us to talk about what went into creating the exciting new game. Kevin shared insight about the gameplay that will intrigue old and new fans of the series. If you weren't able to tweet along, here's what you missed. You can find Kevin Wilson @KevinWilson42, and of course we are @XFilesNews.

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Recap & Review: Scorpion's "Rogue Element"

Remember last week when I asked for a bunch of things that I’d like to happen on Scorpion? Well, I love it when Nick Santora & Co. delivers, reads my mind, and wraps it all up in a shiny bow.

This week, a political conspiracy brews close to one of Cabe’s dearest, putting them all in danger and revealing quite an important load of details from his past. The episode is emotionally charged, full of awesome genius and still carries with it a fantastic action twist.

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