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Blog: Bullyied at 31: Newsflash - It happens at all ages

I live in the middle of next to nowhere.  It's a beautiful place.  The history of the area is quite unique.  But then there are some people's children. Age is not a factor here I might as well tell you folks what happened to me here in Cape St. George.

THIS IS MY STORY OF BEING BULLIED.  To all of those expressing sorrow over the national stories?  Try reading a local one, right here:

A family was having a reunion and I was friends with a member of the family.  The first evening I went to visit my friend another member of the family - whom I had never talked to in my life - decides to take pictures of me and my friend and some other people who was there with my friend's sibling.

He was taking them in case there was damage done to the property.  In all the time I went there (while I was there I can't speak for when I'm not there - tho I don't recall hearing much) nothing was ever touched in that manner.

During his rant he points a finger at me while saying we were trouble.  And then up went his hand to point at me: "especially that one."




Blog: Holly Simon Needs Your Help.

Holly Simon is the creator and site administrator of X-Files News. 

Well, I usually don't post often to the site because my main job is usually maintaining it. I'm happy doing that and I leave the finer details up to those who are geographically more capable to carry out the daily XFN tasks. 

Lately, I've been gearing up for several projects - a few old ideas and a few new ideas and I'd love to share it with you guys! 

For the finer details and even how you can help me materialize them, please click after the jump!



I'm gonna start refering to 2002-2007 as the drealful years

Why does this site even exist in the first place?

Do you really wanna know? You'll be forever wondering how my mind works!

Coincidence! Sort of!  Yes I am a fan - but in october 2007 - a site like this was only a distant thought - barely a dream.

Here's how it came to be:

I woke up one morning, and I just decide to go to www.planetgarth.com - yes I am a HUGE Garth Brooks fan.  This was around the 29th?  Yeah, then and only then I see that he has a new hit *faints*.  The OMGSquee moment starts...

Somehow I end up on Wikipedia looking at members of the Grand Ol Opry. SOMEHOW that thought lead to wondering "I wonder if Garth Brooks ever covered "You May Be Right" by Billy Joel (I love that song! Karaoke at its finest from me!).  And, alas, couldn't find it at the time (I found it now tho!!)  And then the next thought:  Man "You May Be Right" is such a Mulder song....all the while "More than a Memory" plays in the background.

Nostalgic!Moment hits right?



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