Aerial Video from the Blieberger Farm in Langley

You may remember this sight from The X-Files: I Want To Believe, the unremarkable house as it’s known by many of the X-Philes. Here’s an aerial video from Aerobotika of the farmlands including a sight of the house that passed as the exteriors of the house where Mulder and Scully lived at.

Also {spoiler} this is the location mentioned in our previous article [Spoiler] 10×01 – Leaked Location Map – where it’s still listed as Mulder/Scully house.{/spoiler}




[Spoiler] 10×01 – Leaked Location Map


If you are still hungry for details about The X-Files Revival shoots (well… duh) a little something just fell on our lap. If you’re into some light spoilers… this one is for you. Maybe you’ll find a clue or two.

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[Spoiler] What do we know from a Callsheet?

In short, a callsheet from June 16th, 2015 was leaked. We will break it down for you… BUT before you advance any further, what we will discuss here contains potential spoilers. Click after the jump at your own risk.

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