‘The X-Files’ at Calgary Expo

Headed to the Calgary Expo this weekend? There are lots of X-Files alumni to catch up with and some great panels. Not to mention the multiple opportunities you have to take photos with your favorites and get some awesome autographs! 

To make the weekend easier on the Phile Expo Goer, here is a handy color-coded chart of every X-Files related event that is currently scheduled. Click to expand it: 

For a more comprehensive look at the expo, head over to this article. But for a quick overview, this is what you need to know:

  • The X-Files Panel with Gillian, Mitch, and Robert is on Sunday at 12:00pm MDT in the Corral – Main Events Room.
  • You can purchase an event pass here to watch the X-Files panel. We will also be live tweeting it here
  • Gillian’s autograph table is Z 208, Mitch’s is Z 404, Robert’s is Z 310, Cary’s is Z 206, and Mark’s is Z 301.
  • Autographs range from $10 to $95, though you can probably expect to pay somewhere from the middle and upwards for all of the guests. 
  • Photo Session Prices: Gillian – $50, Mitch – $40, Robert – $40, Cary – $40, Mark $40, and Gillian, Mitch, and Robert together – $120.
  • Mitch and Mark’s Supernatural Panel is on Saturday at 3:00pm MDT in the Corral – Main Events Room.
  • The Terminator Panel with Robert is on Saturday at 5:00pm MDT in Palomino A-E.
  • The Princess Bride Panel featuring Cary Elwes is in the Boyce Theater on Friday at 3:30pm MDT. 
  • All the panels run for 45 minutes. 
If that doesn’t cover all of your questions though, head over the the Calgary Expo’s website and check the schedule of events here. And if you get lost, follow this map to navigate the convention floor. Most importantly though, have fun!

XFN Goes to Calgary Expo


The weather might not feel like Spring yet, but it has sure arrived with the beginning of “Con” season. Calgary Expo is only a couple of days away, and XFN has been officially accredited to report live from the convention. This expo will take place over the weekend, April 26-28th in Calgary, AB at the BMO Centre.

If you are attending, prepare yourself for a great time because this is one of the biggest X-Files reunion in the past couple of years. Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, Mitch Pileggi, Mark Sheppard, and Cary Elwes are all in attendence. However, if you are unable to attend, fear no more because XFN’s very own Jeremy Schoff and Matthew Nygren will be there all weekend to report live on all things X-Files.

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XFN Joins HuffPost Interview With Robert Patrick


HuffPost Live conducted an interview with Robert Patrick yesterday to discuss his past and present projects. XFN’s Editor-in-Chief Avi Quijada joined them via Skype to throw in some X-Files questions. Also discussed were Identity Thief, True Blood, Terminator 2, and Robert’s work with the USO. 

Check it out below. The whole interview is great, but if you’re just dying to see what Robert had to say about the future of John Doggett (and Monica Reyes), skip ahead to 15:20.  


X-Files Reunion at The Calgary Expo


A new year has just started and we barely have time to catch our breaths before convention season starts all over again. Canadian fans will be getting a special X-Files treat in April with The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The Calgary Expo, as it’s most known, is the biggest festival of its kind that brings together more than 60,000 fans of sci-fi, film, television, fantasy, horror, comic book, gaming and animation.

This year, The Calgary Expo is bringing to you not just one, but three X-Files alumni. Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, and Mitch Pileggi will be in attendance at the three-day convention.

Mark your calendars if you are in the area (make travel arrangements if you’re not) because this convention is a must go for any X-Files fan. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet the celebrities behind our favorite TV characters and meet some amazing fellow Philes. The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will take place in Calgary, AB April 26-28. Check out their website for a full list of guests and details on the Expo.

“Last Resort” Premieres Sept. 27th

For all of you that have been following the very impressive push that ABC is doing to Last Resort, the wait is over! The military drama premieres this Thursday, September 27th at 8/7 Central.

Last Resort centers around the crew of the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado. They receive their orders, over an exclusive radio channel. Their homeland has been wiped out, they’re told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin tries to get confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. It’s up to XO Sam Kendal to take command and face the same difficult decision. He also refuses, which results on the Colorado being targeted, fired upon, and hit.

“They find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.” 

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New ‘Last Resort’ Promo

Last Resort is set to premiere on September 27th, as part of the highly anticipated ABC series lineup this Fall. Robert Patrick is part of the impressive ensemble cast that has been announced for the show.

Enjoy the latest promo that has been airing during the Olympics and if you want to follow closely all the exciting developments of the show, don’t forget to visit their Official Website.



‘Jane Mansfield’s Car’ Trailer

Every Family has stories to tell, wounds to heal and something to learn.” This is the logline of Jane Mansfield’s Car, which is the newest directorial effort by Billy Bob Thornton.

Don’t be fooled by the title of the movie, it does not center around the known story of Mariska Hagirtay’s late mother. It tells the story of family separated by two clans – an American and a British – that have to learn how to cope with the loss of their mother. The movie is situated in Alabama during the Vietnam War.

Robert Patrick stars in this family drama along side tremendous actors such as Robert Duval, Billy Bob Thornton himself, Kevin Bacon, Ray Stevenson, Frances O’Connor and John Hurt.

While the movie still has to confirm release dates in the US, it was selected and premiered as part of the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival.

Enjoy the trailer.



‘Gangster Squad’ Trailer

The premiere of the movie is just three short months away, on September 7th, 2012!

Robert Patrick is part of this thrilling period piece based on a true story. Set in Los Angeles, 1949, Gangster Squad follows the reckless gangster boss Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn. Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are part of the secret LAPD crew that fights to free Los Angeles from the hands of the mob. Emma Stone and Nick Nolte are also part of the star studded cast. Be sure to check out the trailer below!

Preview of ABC’s ‘Last Resort’

James Poniewozik at Time Magazine published on their Tune In section a review for Robert Patrick’s latest project, Last Resort. Among other things to be said about the newest action/drama series, we thought it was worth mentioning what were Poniewozik’s first impressions after watching the pilot of the show:

This is how a pilot should work. Last Resort’s first hour may not be a tour de force like, say, the opening of Lost, but it does a lot in a little time. It establishes a snappy voice and the dynamic among Chaplin and his crew (including Felicity’s Scott Speedman as his second-in-command). It sets up secondary lines of tension among characters such as a new female lieutenant (Daisy Betts) trying to assert her authority among the skeptical old boys (including Robert Patrick as an old-school master chief). It hints at 24-style intrigue back home in Washington, and builds to a tense climax that not only establishes Chaplin as a stand-up guy, but complicates him by suggesting he has a bit of a messianic streak. And it does this without letting plot crowd out the characters, as creator Shawn Ryan did in his textbook pilot for The Shield.

To read more about the show be sure to head over to their article at Time Magazine.