Mark Your Calendars! Gillian Comes Back to REDDIT

You heard that right. On October 12th, 2014 at 10:30 AM, Madam Awesome Extraordinaire, A.K.A. Gillian Anderson, will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session at REDDIT. 

To participate in the session, you have to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, or you can just sit, relax and read the Q&A thread as it progresses. Past sessions have been very interesting, with many fans asking about her past, current and upcoming projects, you know, besides life and every other topic imaginable… you can, after all, ask anything.

We will be posting a direct link to it when it becomes available so you can access it. Stay tuned!



Mulder & Scully Take on Reddit

This morning Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny did a very successful Reddit AMA. For those unaware, Reddit is basically a giant message board. Smaller subreddits focus on specific topics; for instance, the IAmA subreddit hosts AMAs (Ask Me Anything threads) with people in unique circumstances. Then every post in every subreddit is upvoted or downvoted by users, and the most upvoted posts make it to the front page. 

David and Gillian’s AMA is still sitting at the top of the front page. Fans asked the pair about everything from their future career plans to random moments on The X-Files. If you want to read it all, here is the thread. If you don’t want to dig through the entire thing though, you can also go to David’s and Gillian’s user pages to see all of their responses. Then click context to see what they responded to.

Either way, hit the jump for some of the best answers from this morning’s AMA. 

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Gillian Anderson’s Panel Pictures & Reddit Announcement

Just like we promised, we weren’t over with the goodies from Montreal ComicCon 2013!

Head to our X-Files News Facebook Album to enjoy some great pictures from Gillian Anderson’s panel at the convention, while she answered some very interesting questions that we’re sure you followed via our live tweets on Sunday, Sept. 15th.

If that isn’t enough to to tide you over, how about this?



We will bring you more information on how to partake of the Reddit “Ask.Me.Anything” session, including technical information, but in the mean time, make sure to start thinking on some very clever and interesting questions for this awesome pair!

Enjoy, X-Philes! More excitement to come as we gear up to NYCC and XFN’s Fifth Anniversary!


Gillian Anderson to do a Reddit AMA

Gillian Anderson will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit on May 16th at 10am ET. Frank Spotnitz did a succeful AMA last fall, but if you weren’t around for that and aren’t familiar with Reddit, here’s what you need to know. 

Reddit is basically a giant internet message board for everything and anything. From cute animal photos to The X-Files, there is a subreddit for everything! Users post links or self posts and they are voted up or down by users. The same is true of comments. In return, the poster gets “karma” (useless internet points) for their contribution. The top threads with the most upvotes end up on the front page of Reddit, and those downvoted to oblivion never see the light of day. 

Gillian will be doing an AMA in the IAmA subreddit which hosts threads where users can ask questions of people with unusual jobs or life circumstances that the public may be interested in. There are average people who do AMAs and then there are threads from Barack Obama and Bill Gates. There was even an AMA done by an astronaut orbiting Earth. 

If you would like to participate in the AMA, either by asking a question or upvoting/downvoting other questions, you’ll need to register for an account. It’s simple enough to do, though. Just go to the top right corner of the page and create one. 

All that’s left to do then is mark your calendars, and we’ll see you on May 16th.

Frank Spotnitz’ AMA

As he was slated to, Frank Spotnitz did an AMA on Reddit this morning. If you’re not familiar with Reddit, an AMA is an “Ask Me Anything” thread, often times done by celebrities for fans to ask questions. He took questions for a few hours, and there were some great discussions. Don’t worry about missing it though, because you can review all the questions and answers here.

If scrolling through hundreds of comments isn’t your thing though, below are some of the most interesting questions and answers. Click read more to check them out. Though there are some great small moments in the actual AMA you might enjoy.

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Frank Spotnitz to do a Reddit AMA

Frank Spotnitz has always been open to questions from fans, but next week he’ll be taking a new approach. To promote Hunted as well as answer questions on his other works, he will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on Reddit next Tuesday, October 23 at 10am ET. 

For those not familiar with Reddit, it is basically a giant message board for everything. There are subreddits for lots of topics, including The X-Files and Hunted. The AMA will take place in the IAmA subreddit, and Frank will answer questions posed by users. 

So if you want to see what gets asked (and on Reddit, you’re guaranteed interesting questions), or if you want to ask a question yourself, check the subreddit at 10am ET next Tuesday, or keep an eye out on Cinemax’s Twitter, as they’ll be posting a link as soon as it goes live. You’ll also need an account if you want to ask a question, so go register now.