‘The X-Files’ at Calgary Expo

Headed to the Calgary Expo this weekend? There are lots of X-Files alumni to catch up with and some great panels. Not to mention the multiple opportunities you have to take photos with your favorites and get some awesome autographs! 

To make the weekend easier on the Phile Expo Goer, here is a handy color-coded chart of every X-Files related event that is currently scheduled. Click to expand it: 

For a more comprehensive look at the expo, head over to this article. But for a quick overview, this is what you need to know:

  • The X-Files Panel with Gillian, Mitch, and Robert is on Sunday at 12:00pm MDT in the Corral – Main Events Room.
  • You can purchase an event pass here to watch the X-Files panel. We will also be live tweeting it here
  • Gillian’s autograph table is Z 208, Mitch’s is Z 404, Robert’s is Z 310, Cary’s is Z 206, and Mark’s is Z 301.
  • Autographs range from $10 to $95, though you can probably expect to pay somewhere from the middle and upwards for all of the guests. 
  • Photo Session Prices: Gillian – $50, Mitch – $40, Robert – $40, Cary – $40, Mark $40, and Gillian, Mitch, and Robert together – $120.
  • Mitch and Mark’s Supernatural Panel is on Saturday at 3:00pm MDT in the Corral – Main Events Room.
  • The Terminator Panel with Robert is on Saturday at 5:00pm MDT in Palomino A-E.
  • The Princess Bride Panel featuring Cary Elwes is in the Boyce Theater on Friday at 3:30pm MDT. 
  • All the panels run for 45 minutes. 
If that doesn’t cover all of your questions though, head over the the Calgary Expo’s website and check the schedule of events here. And if you get lost, follow this map to navigate the convention floor. Most importantly though, have fun!

XFN Goes to Calgary Expo


The weather might not feel like Spring yet, but it has sure arrived with the beginning of “Con” season. Calgary Expo is only a couple of days away, and XFN has been officially accredited to report live from the convention. This expo will take place over the weekend, April 26-28th in Calgary, AB at the BMO Centre.

If you are attending, prepare yourself for a great time because this is one of the biggest X-Files reunion in the past couple of years. Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, Mitch Pileggi, Mark Sheppard, and Cary Elwes are all in attendence. However, if you are unable to attend, fear no more because XFN’s very own Jeremy Schoff and Matthew Nygren will be there all weekend to report live on all things X-Files.

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X-Files Reunion at The Calgary Expo


A new year has just started and we barely have time to catch our breaths before convention season starts all over again. Canadian fans will be getting a special X-Files treat in April with The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The Calgary Expo, as it’s most known, is the biggest festival of its kind that brings together more than 60,000 fans of sci-fi, film, television, fantasy, horror, comic book, gaming and animation.

This year, The Calgary Expo is bringing to you not just one, but three X-Files alumni. Gillian Anderson, Robert Patrick, and Mitch Pileggi will be in attendance at the three-day convention.

Mark your calendars if you are in the area (make travel arrangements if you’re not) because this convention is a must go for any X-Files fan. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet the celebrities behind our favorite TV characters and meet some amazing fellow Philes. The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will take place in Calgary, AB April 26-28. Check out their website for a full list of guests and details on the Expo.

LFCC Coverage: Panel with Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea

Thanks to Bertha Chin and Bethan Jones for providing us with these great tidbits of what the conversation included!  They’re having fun at London Film and Comic Con, and they’ll be bringing more material when possible. Here are some of the important things they had to say at the Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea panel.

  • “Mitch answering the door with his short off everytime.” – Nick Lea
  • “I got punched so many times on the show I can’t even remember now which ne is which.” – Nick Lea
  • How do you feel about people coming from all over the world to see you considering show ended 20 yrs ago? Nick Lea & Mitch Pileggi: Lucky to be part of the show which is part of history. Amazing to be a part of something that lasts.
  • Mitch’s 14 yr old daughter just started watching the show.
  • Mitch to Gillian in the Green Room: “Can you please just call me sir one more time?” He says that Skinner had a massive crush on Scully.
  • Mitch on Gillian: (Joking) “Hate her. Speak American!!”
  • Passion and creativity drive the show early on when Fox didn’t give them so much money. – Nick Lea
  • Writers didn’t spoon feed audience. You’re allowed to come to your own conclusions. The X-Files didn’t pander to anybody and it succeeded becase it was smart and made its fans think. – Mitch Pileggi ‪
  • Great to have a shorthand with Rob and Kim because we’re all such great friends. They’re like big kids. – Mitch Pileggi ‪
  • Nick’s Fav directors – Kim Manners and Rob Bowman!
  • X-Files didn’t pander to any specific demographics, and that’s what makes it great. – Nick Lea 

 You can also follow Bertha and Bethan at their own twitter feeds.


LFCC ‘Hunted’ Panel Announced and Final Schedule released!

The author of this article would like to state that she’s incredibly jealous of all of you lucky peeps that get to go to London Film & Comic Con!

With a fantastic list of talks, auctions and photo opportunities, LFCC has confirmed the final schedule that includes appearances by Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson, Nick Lea, Adam Baldwin and Mitch Pileggi.

The most recent addition to the calendar is the exclusive TV panel with Frank Spotnitz and Melissa George, where they’ll show never-seen-before footage of their upcoming and very anticipated BBC/Cinemax series Hunted.

London Film & Comic Con takes place in London from July 6th to July 8th. For the full talk/photo schedule, head here.


Another “X-Files” Alum Confirmed For London!

European Philes are going to have the time of their lives as Nicholas Lea has been confirmed as part of the guests to attend London Film and Comic Con. As you may have read here before, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi are also attending.

After Gillian Anderson’s appearance, there will be an auction of unique X-Files memorabilia that include, among other things, an Authentic Armani suit worn by David Duchovny while he played Fox Mulder on the show!

London Film and Comic Con will be held in London, July 6th to 8th. Check their website for more details and stay tuned for more info as it comes.