XFN Exclusive: Interview with John K. Muir

txffaq1Recently we brought you the review for The X-Files FAQ, and this week we sat down with the author, John Kenneth Muir, for a couple FAQs of our own.

Hit the jump to read our write up or listen to the uncut conversation.

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XFN Exclusive: Professor Anne Simon Explains it All – Part 2


This is a continuation of our exclusive interview with Anne Simon, The X-Files science advisor. The first part was posted on Friday, Aug. 21st and can be found Here.


Telling a story is not always a documentary event. To play with the dramatic moments of a fictional narrative and evoke the emotions needed to effectively communicate that drama, you can’t always stick strictly to the black and white facts. So, is it okay to manipulate the facts to the point where the science won’t be as accurate for the sake of telling a story?

“As a scientist watching any show, watching The X-Files, does that bother you?” I ask.

“That happens a lot. You know, I can come up with all of the science and Chris will say, ‘Well, you know it’s not visual enough. We need something more visual.’ So you come up with something that’s more visual but maybe now not completely accurate.” And then Anne takes on a subject that has been the center of so many discussions in the fandom over the years.

“There was the episode where Scully did that whole Southern blot.” You can tell that Simon has received her fair share of criticism over this scientific scene in the show. “You know, she wanted to see if she was infected by this alien virus and she had to do the entire experiment. So Chris had me come up with how can she figure out she’s been infected by the alien organism. And I said, “Well can we make it a virus, because I’m a virologist?”

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Pop Culture Tonight Podcast With W.B. Davis and XFN

The folks at Pop Culture Tonight had us over to chat about the upcoming #XFilesRevival and they also had the real privilege to speak to William B. Davis, who might be, as you all may know, coming back to the series. We will bring you a final word on his formal confirmation soon!

In the mean time, enjoy our conversation with host Patrick Phillips in one fun filled show.

XFN at NPR’s 89.3 KPCC ‘Take Two’

This morning, Avi Qujada – XFN’s Editor-In-Chief, had the pleasure of having a short but amazing conversation with Tess Vigeland, host of Take Two at KPCC Southern California Public Radio. They talked about the fan campaign leading up to the announcement of #XFilesRevival, possible plot points of the upcoming series and even some scoop!

You can listen to the interview in full HERE – as a teaser for our own interview with Chris Carter!


XFN Exclusive: Interview with Chris Carter

This year is the year of The X-Files. Many appearances, interviews and celebrations have been set up to celebrate our favorite show. And what’s best than a brief conversation with the father of it all, Mr. Chris Carter himself?

A couple of months ago, we approached him on the eve of many an event planned to honor the 20th anniversary of the show and we were able to ask him a few questions about his experience as the creator of such iconic television show.

Take the jump for the full interview!




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XFN Joins HuffPost Interview With Robert Patrick


HuffPost Live conducted an interview with Robert Patrick yesterday to discuss his past and present projects. XFN’s Editor-in-Chief Avi Quijada joined them via Skype to throw in some X-Files questions. Also discussed were Identity Thief, True Blood, Terminator 2, and Robert’s work with the USO. 

Check it out below. The whole interview is great, but if you’re just dying to see what Robert had to say about the future of John Doggett (and Monica Reyes), skip ahead to 15:20.