Frank Spotnitz Joins the NYCC Comedy Party


You heard right! Fan favorite, writer/producer [highlight class=”green”]Frank Spotnitz[/highlight] will be joining us at the NYCC Comedy Party on October 9th, 2015 at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City. 

You don’t need to have New York Comic Con tickets to attend, but should probably bring all of your excitement. Besides a very cool and laid back Q&A with Frank, we will be enjoying an Improv Comedy show with Walt Frasier and LMAO. XFN will also run a trivia contest with GREAT giveaway prizes for attendees. This will be a great time to share your fandom with other peeps just like us! Co-produced with Duchovniacs, we’re ready to have a blast.

Buy your tickets ahead of time – we advise you to do so! This is a small venue designed for this intimate setting. Tickets can also be bought at the door on the day if there’s availability. Proceeds from ticketing will go to charity. You will have additional chances to donate on site.

Here are the details!

[list class=”checkmark green”][li]Date: October 9th, 2015[/li]

[li]Venue: Broadway Comedy Club – Main Stage[/li]

[li]Address: 318 West 53rd St. New York, NY. 10019. Between 8th & 9th Ave. Close to Times Square and Columbus Circle subway.[/li]

[li]Event starts at 6:15PM.[/li]

[li]Activities include but are not limited to: Improv Comedy show by Walt Frasier and LMAO and Q&A, trivia and prizes led by XFN with the participation of Frank Spotnitz.[/li]

[li]Doors open at 5:30PM[/li][/list]

There’s a one-drinkminimum, of any kind. A small selection of snacks are available at the bar. Other ticketing details for general and VIP seating can be found here.


Review: The X-Files Annual 2014 #1

We’ve been waiting for The X-Files Annual 2014 #1 with bated breath since it was first announced, and me, even more so than usual because of the people involved which are some of my favorites in the world of writing. Having had the experience with Spotnitz’ Wildstrom comics and Rotter’s previously published works (The Human Bobby, Duck Duck Wally), I have to admit to having great expectations for this issue.

Spoilers ahead.







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Don’t Give Up

If there was ever a reason not to give up, Frank Spotnitz has one for you.

“It’s going to happen…I think so…I think you will see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson playing Mulder and Scully again. I do. I feel pretty confident about that, that’s about all I can say. ” – Frank Spotnitz

Click here for the video interview with 8 Art City!


Skype Files Marathon during the 20th Anniversary Tweet-A-Thon

As announced, we will be running an X-Files viewing marathon during the Tweet-A-Thon this Tuesday, Sept. 10th. It will run from 2:30 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST

To join, all you have to do is add the user SF_Moderator to your Skype client. If you haven’t downloaded Skype yet, you can do so HERE.

Once online, please message this user and request to be added to the general chat.

This is the schedule to follow:


2:30 PM – Chat Room opens.

3:00 PM – Pusher

4:00 PM – Tempus Fugit

5:00 PM – Max

6:00 PM – Detour

7:00 PM – Field Trip

8:00 PM – Requiem

9:00 PM – Pilot

There will be a 15 minute break between each episode. We encourage everyone that will be joining this marathon, whether they do join the chat or not, to check into Get Glue and let them know you’re watching The X-Files.

This is an activity associated with The X-Files 20th Anniversary Tweet-A-Thon, so we will be tweeting trivia, information and easter eggs while each episode plays. While the marathon finishes after the screening of the pilot is done, users can always continue the viewings if desired.

See you guys tomorrow!

Spotnitz to Lead ‘Transporter’

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

As reported by THR, Frank Spotnitz will come on board as Showrunner for the second season of Transporter. The drama previously aired on Cinemax and while the cable network won’t be carrying on with the following season, the production will continue for HBO Canada and M6 in France.

While the show won’t be on Cinemax anymore, the producers are tapping other companies to replace its distribution in the US. Chris Vance, the lead of the series is said to be on borad for a second season, but a new deal would have to be negotiated.

This is a story in development, we’ll bring more information as we learn about it.


“Sam Hunter” is Back!

You asked for it, your craved for it, and following the motto he’s now famous for, Frank Spotnitz didn’t give up on Sam Hunter, and neither did Cinemax.

From Deadline:

HBO/Cinemax and The X Files alum Frank Spotnitz are developing Sam Hunter, a drama starring Melissa George to air on Cinemax. A spinoff of Cinemax’s Hunted, the action series sees George reprising her role as Sam, a gutsy agent in the murky world of private espionage. Now on the run from her former employer, Sam has a price on her head and a young daughter to protect. She must work as a freelance spy to find out who wants her dead — and how it connects to the murder of her own mother. Cinemax is planning to launch Sam Hunter as a four-hour miniseries, which Spotnitz is currently writing.


We’re really excited to have this story continue. Congratulations, Mr. Spotnitz!

This is a developing story, we’ll inform of more details as they come.


XFN Exclusive: Interview with Chris Carter

This year is the year of The X-Files. Many appearances, interviews and celebrations have been set up to celebrate our favorite show. And what’s best than a brief conversation with the father of it all, Mr. Chris Carter himself?

A couple of months ago, we approached him on the eve of many an event planned to honor the 20th anniversary of the show and we were able to ask him a few questions about his experience as the creator of such iconic television show.

Take the jump for the full interview!




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Spotnitz on Sam Hunter’s Next Adventure

As you may have heard here at XFN and on many different media outlets, the BBC decided not to renew Hunted, Frank Spotnitz new series. However, this doesn’t mean that the road is over for Sam Hunter, the main character of the series, portrayed by Melissa George.

This is because, as confirmed by Spotnitz himself and Cinemax, a new spinoff is in the works. 

According to his interview with our friends at Den Of Geek, Spotnitz and HBO will be able to continue with the mithology created for the show, but they won’t be able to develop it as an exact continuation of the previous production between the BBC and Cinemax.

Regardless of what the future brings for this amazing spy drama story, Frank is delighted to be able to continue the road for these characters, now with the advantages of producing for a more defined audience.

In an exclusive short conversation with XFN, he went on to say: 

“I’d like to give a special shout out to all the X-Philes who’ve voiced their support for Hunted. Thank you all so much for always being there. I’m incredibly excited about continuing Sam’s story with Cinemax, and I can’t wait for you to see what comes next.”

We invite you to read the whole interview at Den Of Geek, but we warn you, it does include SPOILERS from the last episode. So proceed with caution. It also includes the previously released questions about XF3 and the possibilities of an X-Files reincarnation.

If you’re watching Hunted on the BBC, the final episode of this incarnation will air on November 26th, but the show still has a few episodes to go in its airing at Cinemax.

Cinemax in Talks for More ‘Hunted’

Deadline and TV Wise are reporting that Cinemax is in talks with Hunted series creator Frank Spotnitz about continuing the story of Sam Hunter, after BBC One announced this week that it would not be renewing the spy drama.

Hunted, which has earned some of the highest reviews for a Cinemax show, was down in the ratings for BBC One after it was unable to hold its own against ITV1’s season finale of DCI Banks and a network premiere of The Inbetweeners Movie (though Hunted was up in ratings the week before). BBC One announced it would not be renewing the series, and it appears Cinemax is stepping in. Hunted has done well for Cinemax in the U.S. and Cinemax’s promotion of the show has seen the fan following for Hunted increase in recent weeks.

We’ve been following the production of Hunted since the series was first envisioned, and if you have not yet seen this exciting and suspenseful spy drama, you are missing out on one of the best new shows on television.

Head over to Deadline and to TV Wise for much more on this developing turn of events.