Featured Video: [I see fire] X-Files Tribute

Today’s video is a study in simplicity. There’s no fancy effects, no coloring, and no transitions. Just a great song, and some well placed footage and voiceovers from the show. Nevertoolateo295‘s “I See Fire” showcases what we all loved about The X-Files: Stunning visuals, great storytelling, and an unforgettable parnership. Go ahead and watch. I dare you not to feel nostalgic. 

{youtube}tiFF4Iga440 {/youtube} 


Featured Video: touchstone | the x-files

It’s Fanvid Friday and it’s an extra special one this week because what was in my email today but a notification of a new video by KatrinDepp! If you’re new to the fandom or fanvids, you might not understand why I’m so excited. But if you’ve been a Phile for a while… then you know. Katrin’s vids are always of the highest quality with amzing editing and great song choices. “Touchstone” is no exception. 

Enough flailing. Hit play!! 

{youtube}qC7LbGtnyJo {/youtube} 


Featured Video: mulder&scully | losing your memory

Help! I’ve been hit by a truckload of feels and I can’t get up! Today’s vid comes from TheMrsLondon and is absolutely amazing. While the song tugs at your heartstrings, the clips, coloring, and deiting of this video really help push it over the edge into a fanvid that will stand the test of time and become a classic. Our OTP is an angsty couple, and this vid is the embodiment of all the unending pain and yet enduring hope of Mulder and Scully. Just… just watch!

{youtube}UPz4kCjckas {/youtube} 

Somebody hold me! 

Featured Video: Mulder & Scully | Here with me

So. Many. Feels!

Today’s fanvid is brought to you by cherrip1e, and oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous. The song is “Here with Me” by Susie Suh, Robot Koch and it’s haunting melody goes along perfectly with our OTP’s frought relationship. I’d recommened you grab a fellow fangirl and hug it out. Enjoy!

 {youtube}05fIW8BVGaM {/youtube}



Featured Video: PREVIEW | Mulder & Scully: Dance On Our Graves

Once in a while a fanvid takes you by the feels and twists your heart until you are begging for sweet release. For me, this vid is Lilykake’s preview for Dance on Our Graves. I’ve been not so patiently waiting for a miracle on this one. Enjoy! 

 {youtube}qtyI3gV-tDY {/youtube}

 And then go and harass Lily for some more. 


Featured Video: The G-Files

As I pondered what to post this morning, I had a wide array of fan vids to choose from. Should I go with the schmoopy romance vid? Something high in action? An ode to Scully’s badassery? But then I remembered a message I had been sent a few weeks ago, and really…. how could I not feature this little gem of crossover goodness?

{youtube}R-RrMTkOzaA {/youtube} 

Stay Golden, my friends. Enjoy!


Featured Video – Drawing Mulder and Scully

For something a little different this Friday, we’ve found some fanart turned into a fanvid. The process is facinating to watch and the end result is spectacular. Head on over to Youtube and show ZuhaLoveMusic some love for her amazing creation. 

{youtube}ygylhCXrl0Y {/youtube} 

Happy Fanvid Friday! 


Featured Video – Soldier On

Does it make me a bad person to be happy when Mulder and Scully are sad? Not gut-wrenchingly the world is ending sad, just, you know… single-tear Scully, squinty eyed Mulder kind of sad. If it’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right because then I’d have no use for today’s Fanvid Friday selection. 

{youtube}yl6blU13PsQ {/youtube} 

Enjoy! Shoutout to a new vidder, rileycat111, for today’s video. 

Featured Video – The X-Files Revival mini-trailer (unofficial)

One day soon, Fox is going to give us a new trailer and us Philes are going to break the internet. But until that glorious day comes, we will be here faithfully scouring the internet for any and all new fanvids. Happy Fanvid Friday all! Enjoy this trailer from Kelly Lacroix

 {youtube}Rpcci9ViGD0 {/youtube}