R.I.P. William A. Graham

travelersPer the LA Times, Emmy-nominated TV and film director – whose career spanned half a century and whose movies included 1991′s Return to the Blue Lagoon and Elvis Presley’s last film, 1969’s Change of Habit, along with multiple TV movies – has died, September 12, of complications from pneumonia. He was 87.

William A. Graham was a prolific small screen director with credits directing episodes of The X-Files: “Travelers” (1998), “E.B.E.” (1994) and “Space” (1993).

Rest in peace, Mr. Graham.






David Duchovny Confirmed for New York Comic Con

This is the million dollar question this year for Philes all over. Will David Duchovny join Gillian Anderson at New York Comic Con? You’ve heard the rumors, and we can now confirm them for you. David Duchovny has been officially announced for New York Comic Con. David will join Gillian at NYCC this coming October.

According to their website, on Sunday, October 13th Gillian and David will “take the stage and discuss their days as Agents Mulder and Scully and their time on the popular show, The X-Files.” The panel is set to be on Main Stage 1-D from 4:00-5:00pm.

This year’s 10/13 is really be shaping up to be a great one, but Sunday isn’t the only day X-Philes should be excited about. David will be autographing Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as listed on NYCC’s official website. Gillian Anderson is also scheduled to appear all 3 days.

The X-Files: Season 10 comic writer Joe Harris and artist Michael Walsh will also both be in attendance, so there will certainly be no shortage of X-Files things to do!

New York Comic Con will take place at the Javits Center in New York CIty on October 10-13, 2013 (pun intended? we want to believe!). Most tickets for this con have been sold out for weeks, but Thursday tickets are still available. For more ticket information, check out their website.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson at the Paley Center

Mark your calendars and find a way to get to New York City on October 12, 2013. Why? Because our favorite agents are coming to the Paley Center to celebrate The X-Files 20th Anniversary. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be present at the event entitled The Truth Is Here: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on The X-Files.

Tickets are not yet available for purchase. They will go on sale to members this Wednesday, September 25 at noon, and Friday, September 27th, at noon to the general public. Member tickets are $25 and general public tickets are $35. For information about membership to the Paley Center, check here.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, Philes. Tickets will go fast so make sure you grab yours as soon as they go on sale.

For more information about the Paley Center and the event, check out their website and follow them on Twitter for all the latest news.

XFN Exclusive – A Burl-X-Files Interview

Some of you may have heard of a theater production organized in Seattle during the summer. Well, Erica Fraga and Keva Andersen had the pleasure of attending and enjoying this play and they brought back goodies for all of us!

Learn about the origins of this genuine production as well as many curious details about the genre of Burlesque.


Our thanks go to all the people involved in this play and to Erica, Dayna and Keva for their great collaboration!

UK’s 20th Anniversary Party!

The UK fans are hosting a 20th Anniversary Party to benefit SA-YES!

If you want to attend, the event will be held at FAB Cafe in Manchester on October, 13th, 2013.

The entry fee is only £3 and they’re going to screen three episodes, run a quiz and hopefully other surprises. Cosplay is encouraged, there will be themed cocktails on the night and the whole thing is in aid of Gillian Anderson’s charity. Quiz entry fees and raffle ticket takings will also be going to the charity.

If you have any questions about directions, activities or ways to collaborate, you can contact Sophie Brown through her twitter page (@easyqueenie)


XFN Exclusive: Interview with Joe Harris

You know who gives a great interview? Comic Book Writer, Joe Harris. We had the opportunity to share a few inquiries with the talented man, who’s as you know, the writer behind The X-Files: Season 10 comic books that are taking the X-Phile world by storm.

He’s not new to the world of writing or comics, and most recently announced the beginning of a new production as he and his team recently sold Ghost Projekt to NBC.

As if he didn’t have enough projects out there, he also continues to release Great Pacific, currently in its Issue #10. That’s merely a brief description of what the man is up to these days. But now onto what you want to know…

You’ve talked about IDW approaching you to write The X-Files comics and jumping at the chance. Now here we are at the release of the first issue…how did that whole creative process unfold?

When IDW first approached me, I kind of immediately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to open with this idea that Mulder and Scully, out of action for some time following the last movie, would find themselves hunted by a mysterious group of X-Files targeting, alien-connected “Acolytes” who were somehow tied to the overarching mythology. I had a wish list of stuff I wanted to make happen, and IDW, and FOX wanted to happen, from the return of The Lone Gunmen and the Cigarette Smoking Man, Doggett and Reyes, etc. It was around when I was first sitting down to start scripting the first issue that Chris Carter became involved, and he offered some notes that shaped the opening arc, “Believers” a bit further.

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Review: The X-Files: Season 10 – Issue #4

I want to make sure that if you’re reading this review of The X-Files: Season 10 – Issue #4, you have already gone and read it yourself. You have? Yes? Phew, okay, because it’s about to get really “spoilerific” from now on.

I’ll begin my review by talking about the fantastic and varied work that the artists commissioned to develop these covers have been doing. Carlos Valenzuela never disappoints with his artistry to portray the likes of Gillian Anderson with a lot of detail, and neither does Nick Percival, with a composition that captures the subtext of Mulder’s emotional state. This month we also have a fantastic rendition by the Sharp Brothers of the whole X-Files gang being chased by the Great Mutato from The Post Modern Prometheus in Scooby Doo fashion.

One thing is certain about these comics; the people involved are surely having a lot of fun.

If you have been following the series, this is the fourth part out of five in the first case to be developed in this new season. “Believers” tackles the mythology of the show upfront and personal, and in this issue the stakes keep on climbing.

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Preview: The X-Files: Season 10 – #4

We have to admit to be on the edge of our seat every 3rd week of the month these days; a new issue of The X-Files: Season 10 rolls in and we get to follow the intricate story that the folks at IDW Publishing are delivering by the great talents of Joe Harris and Michael Walsh, watched closely by Chris Carter himself.

This month includes five different covers by Carlos Valenzuela, Nick Percival and a very clever one by The Sharp Brothers that resembles a Scooby Doo scene with all The X-Files gang!

Issue #4 comes out September 18th, and we can tell you that the series continues to be greatly engaging. This is the fourth of a five-part storyline, but the series won’t stop there; they’re anticipating already a few MOTW stories to come.

But onto the matter at hand: for those of you that want to remain unspoiled until you get your issue tomorrow, either at your local comic store or through Comixology, don’t worry, we’ll give you a brief evaluation of this month’s issue today and a full review tomorrow. We know how our X-Philes like to keep the anticipation brewing!

The story continues discovering more and more details of the conspiracy behind the mysterious government run drilling and the acolytes. The game pieces begin to fit into place as Mulder pursues the investigation in hopes to save Scully from her captors and we’re sure that you will enjoy the nods to classic X-Files situations that made us love the show.

The filmmaker in me pictured a couple of scenes so clearly, continuing with the very cinematic style that they’ve gotten us used to, and still keeping in place with the comic style that they have adopted for the series. We’re very pleased by the way that the story has been laid out, and are indeed intrigued to see how the seeds planted in previous issues come to a full bloom by the time we get to issue #5.

The X-Files: Season 10 – Believers 4 of 5 is out in stores on September 18th.

Come back tomorrow for a full, spoiler-filled review. Click after the jump for a preview of the first couple of scenes of this month’s issue.

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Gillian Anderson’s Panel Pictures & Reddit Announcement

Just like we promised, we weren’t over with the goodies from Montreal ComicCon 2013!

Head to our X-Files News Facebook Album to enjoy some great pictures from Gillian Anderson’s panel at the convention, while she answered some very interesting questions that we’re sure you followed via our live tweets on Sunday, Sept. 15th.

If that isn’t enough to to tide you over, how about this?



We will bring you more information on how to partake of the Reddit “Ask.Me.Anything” session, including technical information, but in the mean time, make sure to start thinking on some very clever and interesting questions for this awesome pair!

Enjoy, X-Philes! More excitement to come as we gear up to NYCC and XFN’s Fifth Anniversary!