Ottawa ComicCon – Gillian Anderson

The weekend is over and now the post-con depression takes over. Ottawa ComicCon was a great success and everyone seemed to have a great time. XFN was in attendance from start to finish every day reporting on all things X-Files. Cell service and internet connection there were a little bit of a challenge, but we updated our Twitter every chance we got. 

Gillian Anderson was in attendance Saturday and Sunday only. On Friday, we were told she had arrived early and would be able to sign autographs later in the day, but it was canceled last minute. There were tons of X-Philes on site, even on Friday, and we were able to snap a few shots of several people sporting their X-Files t-shirts and even some hardcore fans in Mulder and Scully cosplay. There was even a Skinner!

On Saturday, Gillian was signing autographs, posing for photo sessions, and interacting with fans all day. Her line was long all day and XFN was able to talk to several fans after their encounter with the woman behind their favorite FBI agent. Our Facebook has photos from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Gillian’s panel. If you were one of the fans we chatted with, head over there and look for youself.

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Ottawa ComicCon – Gillian Anderson UPDATE

We now have an updated schedule of Gillian Anderson’s complete appearances at Ottawa ComicCon this weekend. The list is as follows:


Autographs at 9:30AM, 12:30PM and 4:15PM. Photo sessions are at 2:30PM and 3PM.


Autographs at 11:15AM and 1:30PM. Photo sessions are at 12:30PM. Gillian’s Q&A will be held in hall 4 at 10:15AM.

Autographs are $50 and photo sessions are $60. The complete list for all the updated schedules can be found here.

XFN Goes to Ottawa ComicCon

Just barely 2 weeks after the success of Calgary Expo, it is time for XFN to go to another Con. XFN has been officially accredited to attend Ottawa ComicCon this coming weekend, May 10-12th at the Ernst and Young Centre.

If you are attending, get ready for a weekend of fun stuff including our favorite skeptical FBI agent. Gillian Anderson will be in attendance as a guest of honor at Ottawa ComicCon. This is a great opportunity for fans to meet the woman behind Dana Scully, up-close and personal. However, if you are unable to attend, fear no more because XFN’s very own Patricia Silva will be there all weekend to report on all things Gillian and X-Files.

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Gillian Anderson to do a Reddit AMA

Gillian Anderson will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit on May 16th at 10am ET. Frank Spotnitz did a succeful AMA last fall, but if you weren’t around for that and aren’t familiar with Reddit, here’s what you need to know. 

Reddit is basically a giant internet message board for everything and anything. From cute animal photos to The X-Files, there is a subreddit for everything! Users post links or self posts and they are voted up or down by users. The same is true of comments. In return, the poster gets “karma” (useless internet points) for their contribution. The top threads with the most upvotes end up on the front page of Reddit, and those downvoted to oblivion never see the light of day. 

Gillian will be doing an AMA in the IAmA subreddit which hosts threads where users can ask questions of people with unusual jobs or life circumstances that the public may be interested in. There are average people who do AMAs and then there are threads from Barack Obama and Bill Gates. There was even an AMA done by an astronaut orbiting Earth. 

If you would like to participate in the AMA, either by asking a question or upvoting/downvoting other questions, you’ll need to register for an account. It’s simple enough to do, though. Just go to the top right corner of the page and create one. 

All that’s left to do then is mark your calendars, and we’ll see you on May 16th.

Winners for ADG’s Celebration of The Art Of “The X-Files”

The results are in for our giveaway for the Art Directors Guild Film Society event celebrating the Art of The X-Files on May 19th at the Egyptian Theater.

Drumroll please… The winners are:

  • Keva Andersen
  • Courtney Smith
  • Erica Fraga
  • Ranee Henderson
  • Stephanie Fraissl
  • Kayla Crawford

Congratulations! You and a guest will receive tickets to share a screening of “Triangle” and “Je Souhaite” with Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan and Production Designer Corey Kaplan. The event will be moderated by renown production designer John Muto.

Winners will be contacted via email. Their reviews will be part of a special feature written by our in-house production designer, Garrett Devol in the following weeks!

If you didn’t win and want to attend, you can buy tickets HERE.

Thanks so much for participating!


XFN Exclusive: Interview with Carlos Valenzuela

X-Files News had the pleasure to talk to Carlos Valenzuela, one of the artists comissioned to draw the newest installment of The X-Files comic books.

Valenzuela, a professional illustrator and comic book artist from Chile, has worked for several companies in the entertainment industry, like Fantasy Flight Games, Pyranha Bytes, SQP Publishing, Under The Floorboards, Ballistic Publishing, IDW Ltd, just to name a few.

XFN: How did you get into the business of illustrating?

“I always wanted to enter the world of illustration. My artistic influences are mainly from classic illustrators like Frazetta, Corben, Wrightson, Moebius, Elvgren, etc. and thanks to some online communities like DeviantArt or CGSociety I was able to show my first works. Also, I work for a couple of years being represented by an US agency. With them I did almost illustration work, from book covers, card games, to posters and comic book covers.

Right now, I work mainly as an illustrator, but with some comic book works from time to time, like the upcoming Mars Attacks story from IDW.”



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