Will Annabeth Fear Silver Bullets?

Yesterday we told you we’d be bringing more surprises from Annabeth Gish. And here it goes. She’s been cast in the seventh episode of the second season of Once Upon A Time.

She will be playing Anita, “a charismatic, beautiful and mysterious leader of a pack of humans,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Just like Red, the character played by Meghan Ory, they will also turn out to be wolves. So how much “Howling at the Moon” will Annabeth be doing? Will she be a good and kind alpha-female of the likes of Josh in Being Human or will she have some scary fangs to fear?

If you want to know, make sure to follow Annabeth’s twitter feed (@AnnabethGish) and check on our site for more updates about this exciting role!


“A Mother’s Nightmare” Premieres This Saturday

Who’s up for a great movie this Saturday? We got a winner suggestion for the night. 

A Mother’s Nightmare (AMN) is Lifetime’s Saturday movie event and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The great Annabeth Gish stars as Maddie Stewart, a fierce woman that will do whatever it takes to save the life of her son Chris Stewart, played by Grant Gustin.



According to Lifetime:

Vanessa (Jessica Lowndes from 90210) moves fast to claim Chris for her own, monopolizing his time and distancing him from his friends and family. His mother, Maddie (Annabeth Gish from The X-Files, Pretty Little Liars), feels unsettled by their sudden relationship and when she discovers a dark secret of Vanessa’s she uses all her resources to convince Chris (Grant Gustin from Glee) to end it. (The more Maddie tries to protect Chris, the more Vanessa’s hold on him is threatened) Angered and vengeful, Vanessa accuses Chris of a heinous act that turns the school against him and sparks an online attack. As things get violent, Vanessa plans her next move and Maddie must find out Vanessa’s game before she loses her son forever.

In an exclusive conversation with XFilesNews, Annabeth Gish tells us that “AMN is a different kind of Lifetime movie. It is an edgy ride into the teenage trip of love and obsession with actors Grant Gustin and Jessica Lowndes playing modern kids with true accessibility.”

This movie tries to bring to conversation what it is to be a parent in these modern times, “As a mother of boys in real life,” says Gish, “the ferocity of the momma-bear instinct to protect your son was an easy emotion to evoke on film. The stakes are high and the battle is fierce when fighting to save your son.”

Annabeth had a great time working the cast of this show. “I can’t say enough about Jessica & Grant: Both super-talented, genuine people who have long careers ahead of them! It was a joy to go to work with them!” 

For those who follow Gish on Twitter (@AnnabethGish) know that the back drop of this movie was the small and picturesque town of Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada, shotting during May 2012.

We’ll be tuning in for this 2-Hour event, and we’ll be surely bringing you more surprises from Annabeth very soon!

“Last Resort” Premieres Sept. 27th

For all of you that have been following the very impressive push that ABC is doing to Last Resort, the wait is over! The military drama premieres this Thursday, September 27th at 8/7 Central.

Last Resort centers around the crew of the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado. They receive their orders, over an exclusive radio channel. Their homeland has been wiped out, they’re told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan. Captain Marcus Chaplin tries to get confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. It’s up to XO Sam Kendal to take command and face the same difficult decision. He also refuses, which results on the Colorado being targeted, fired upon, and hit.

“They find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.” 

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The 64th Annual Primetime Emmys

The 64th Primetime Emmys air tonight, and there are several X-Files alumni and their shows up for awards. Here’s the list of what you can expect to see:

Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad:
Outstanding Drama Series (Lost)
Lead Actor – Bryan Cranston (Lost)
Supporting Actress – Anna Gunn (Lost)
Supporting Actor – Aaron Paul (Won)
Supporting Actor – Giancarlo Esposito (Lost)
Outstanding Directing – Vince Gilligan (Lost)

Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon’s Homeland:
Outstanding Drama Series (Won) 
Lead Actress – Claire Danes (Won)
Lead Actor – Damian Lewis (Won)
Outstanding Directing – Michael Cuesta (Lost)
Outstanding Writing – Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff (Won)

Also look out for American Horror Story, produced and written by James Wong. 

The Emmys air tonight on ABC at 7ET. We’ll bring you live updates on Twitter and Facebook, followed by updates here. 

8:31pm – Some photos from the Emmys and Emmy events. 
9:11 – Aaron Paul takes Outstanding Supporting Actor in Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad.
9:26 – Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa take the Outstanding Writing Award for Homeland. Vince Gilligan loses the Outstanding Directing category. Anna Gunn also lost her category earlier. 
9:30 – Damian Lewis takes the Outstanding Lead Actor Award for Homeland
9:41 – Claire Danes takes the Outstanding Lead Actor Award for Homeland.
10:52 – Homeland takes the Outstanding Drama Series category.

Gillian Will Attend New Orleans Comic Con

To continue her recent appearances in conventions all over the world, Gillian Anderson will be attending New Orleans Comic Con. The event takes place in November 30th to December 2nd, 2012.

For more information, you can visit their website and purchase the Gillian Anderson VIP Experience.

Featured Video – A Long Way

Break out the tissues philes, because our second featured video this week will hurt you down to your soul. Snakey973 masterfully depicts the suffering Scully endures at the loss of motherhood, and the courageous decisions that led her down that path.

This video is beautifully painful to watch, and is perhaps the most moving Scully/William related video we’ve seen to date.



Featured Video – Stayed in the Darkness With You

This week’s featured video is brought to you by a brand new vidder to our featured list!

AmidTheFallingSnow, who admittedly draws inspiration from snakey973, has blown us away with a video that draws parallels between the partnership, teamwork, and love that Mulder and Scully have for each other throughout their nine years in the darkness. With beautiful coloration and shadows, great editing, and one of our favorite songs by Florence & The Machine, So I Stayed in the Darkness With You is extremely deserving of an XFN feature.

Gillian Anderson FBI PSA

In 1972, the FBI sent its first two women to Quantico. Forty years and thousands of women later, there are female special agents working all throughout the FBI. In celebration of this, Gillian Anderson recently recorded a video recognizing the women of the FBI, for without them, Scully would have never held a badge.


You can download the PSA here, and an audio clip here