Another “X-Files” Alum Confirmed For London!

European Philes are going to have the time of their lives as Nicholas Lea has been confirmed as part of the guests to attend London Film and Comic Con. As you may have read here before, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi are also attending.

After Gillian Anderson’s appearance, there will be an auction of unique X-Files memorabilia that include, among other things, an Authentic Armani suit worn by David Duchovny while he played Fox Mulder on the show!

London Film and Comic Con will be held in London, July 6th to 8th. Check their website for more details and stay tuned for more info as it comes.


More than Hope for XF3

Frank Spotnitz responded to a fan’s email this morning to say that while there will be no X-Files film this year, there is more than hope for XF3.

“There won’t be a movie this year, Beth, but there is more than hope – those of us insisting on a third movie are right; those who doubt its creative and commercial potential are simply dead wrong. Don’t give up!”

The Believe in the Future campaign has been going strong for the last four years with no intention of stopping. We hope you will stick around with us because once this film does get made and hits theaters, it will be the biggest, most long-overdue fan party of all time. Don’t give up, because no one gets there alone.


Break Bad on July 15th!

Breaking Bad is set to premiere its 5th season at 10pm on July 15th! For those of you who witnessed the explosive (see what we did there?) season 4 finale, you are probably asking yourselves, what on earth happens next? For those that haven’t seen it, you should be ashamed enough to buy the first four seasons and watch them before July.

The final season of Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad has been split into two-8 episode seasons so episodes 1-8 will air this year while the final 8 episodes will air in 2013.

Ready to Break Bad with us? Yeah, we thought so.



Featured Video – Green Valley

It’s not often that we post a featured video only to be completely blown away by another just hours later. Lucky for all of you, today is one of those days! Snakey973 has floored us again, this time with a mythology centered video that will give you goosebumps of anticipation. Don’t Give Up!

Green Valley by Snakey973



Featured Video – Bulletproof

Featured videos are back!

Can’t wait for XF3? Yeah we can’t wait either, but videos like this help us pass the time and remind us that Dana Scully could take on the aliens almost single handedly. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Scully & Reyes – Bulletproof by Snakey973



“Last Resort” Promotional Pictures


Last Resort was confirmed as “picked up” by ABC this Friday. The show that features Robert Patrick and Scott Speedman (Felicity) among other renowned actors, is set to premiere tentatively next Fall.

The one hour drama has been publicized as a: “Renegade crew of a nuclear submarine that goes on the run after defying an order given under strange and suspicious circumstances to deploy their weapons. They seek refuge at a NATO listening post and declare themselves the world’s smallest sovereign nation with nuclear capability. They then face the challenges of creating a new society while monitoring the movements of the world’s militaries.” 

Click on the picture for the larger version.

Sources: Deadline & Spoiler TV