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Welcome to the XFN Forums!

If you have any questions or concerns about the forum, please do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or Moderator for help.

Please find below an explanation of our forum rules. We respectfully request that these rules are followed, as any violation of any of them could result in a ban up to and including termination of forum posting privileges. Bans, temporary or permanent, will be at the discretion of the Administrators and can be implemented without notification.

Special Note: The primary language of the XFN forum is English and that is the language this forum will be moderated in. If you feel that you need room to have discussions in a different language, please present a petition to an Administrator and we will try and make reasonable accommodations, which may include assigning a moderator that speaks your language. All forum participants are required to respect that we have many people that visit these forums and that English may not always be their first language. Please be conscientious and understanding of poor grammar or spelling errors as it is to be expected that such errors may occur.  

1. Inappropriate Images/Links/Discussions

As many philes that visit XFN are under the age of 18, we require that forum discussions (with the exception of the Adult Section and Fan Fiction for 18+ folders) are kept at PG-13. This means that excessive use of profanity, or inappropriate topics which may include but are not limited to: sexual situations, offensive posts including racism, sexism, illegal activities, and any other post that an administrator may find offensive or outside the realm of PG-13, will be deleted. The spirit of these forums is to share an experience with other philes so use common sense and when in doubt, ask an Administrator. Any material that is meant for adults, please post in the Adult Section or the Fan Fiction for 18+ folders. In addition, posting a link and deliberately misleading forum members about what they are clicking on, in any folder, may result in a ban.

2. Advertising and Spam

The only advertisements allowed on the XFN forums will be links or posts made by philes who have X-Files memorabilia for sale however, the staff at the XFN Forum is not responsible for the legitimacy of any transaction between users. Any other advertisements or links to advertisements will be deleted and may result in a ban of your posting privileges. Spam is the posting of irrelevant, abusive, or unneeded messages and they will be deleted at the discretion of the Administrators. If you see any problematic posts, please click the “Report to Admin” or “Spam” button.

3. Trolling

Trolling is the act of intentional posting of derogatory or inflammatory messages in order to instigate a negative response. For the XFN Forum, the cross-bashing or slander of other websites or forums will be considered trolling. Please report trolling to an Administrator. The X-Files community is large, and there are many different sites to visit, so please respect your fellow phile.  

4. Constructive Criticism

The only allowable criticism on the XFN Forum is that of constructive criticism. This relates to FanFic writers, vidders, and phile artists. If you do not have something nice or constructive to say, or your criticism has no relative merit, then please do not say it. Many philes spend a lot of time on their creative works, so be kind.

5. Administrator Action or Inaction

If you have an issue with an Administrator, please contact that Administrator or any of the other Admins through the PM system. We do not mind discussion our actions with you, but we will not do so in a public thread.

6. Harassment and Bullying

Harassing or bullying other forum members is not acceptable. 

7. Paparazzi Pictures

The XFN Forum will allow paparazzi pictures to be posted as long as forum members abide by the following criteria: No photos of the actors’ families (spouses or domestic partners included) unless that family member is also a public persona, no sexually explicit or indecent photos, and no photos that were clearly obtained in violation of the law or a person’s right to privacy. Photos taken on public property or public streets of public personas will be allowed.  Do not confuse Paparazzi pictures with official public event photographs which can include photos taken on private property, and photos containing family members.

8. Snoggers/Gillovny/Real Life Fic

We realize that there are many aspects to the X-Files fandom and we want to be inclusive of all philes. We cannot go on pretending that certain areas of The X-Files fandom do not exist so in the spirit of tearing down the walls between us, we are creating folders for Snoggers and Real Life Fic. While there are philes that will disagree with having these types of discussions, we would request that you respect another phile’s decision to enter into those discussions. In order to facilitate this, we have created a folder for Snoggers and a subfolder under Fanfic for Real Life Fic. In general, the XFN Forum is not the official voice of XFN so we may not endorse all of the opinions shared here, yet we would like to maintain the conversation and leave it open for sharing.

9. Piracy

It is not allowed to share or encourage the exchange of files, Peer to Peer links, and any other practice of Piracy. Any post linking to online viewing sites or selling of copies of the show obtained by illegal means will grant action taken towards the member by the moderators and/or administrators. Sharing of legitimate links to lawful streaming sites (i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, etc.) is allowed. 

It might also help to check out our help section here.  Thank you for keeping the XFN forum an enjoyable place for everyone to visit!

XFN Forums Help Page

The beginnings of the help page, step by step 🙂  It will become more formal as time passes.

Why do I need to fill in the captcha for every forum post I make?

This will only last for your first 10 posts to the forum.  It’s an extra added security measure we put in place to prevent spammers form posting unwanted information to our forums.  After your 10th post the captcha will disappear and you can use the forums normally.

Admins? Moderators? What?

If you see posts by an Admin, its just basically means that they’re publishers to this website and have far more permissions to edit, change, and etc. the site than you do.  You’re best not directing your questions to any of the Admins, unless they are participating in conversation.  If you have any Forum related questions, please direct them to a Moderator instead.  They are the people who are maintaining the boards on a daily basis. 

So who runs the forums?

That would be Pluto, the moderator of these forums.  He is the Primary Admin.  Any questions regarding the forums, the postings and topics should be directed to him.  If you are having trouble with another member, direct it to him as well.  He’ll deal with it or send it to the appropriate people.  You can contact him here. If you have any questions in regards to our rules, you should take a look at our rules page.

The post numbers seem off.  What’s with that?

At the moment, it seems as if the forum counts per topic/reply posted, and not within a single category.  Basically, if you just posted and it says #128, it means that there are 128 forum posts on the message board.  Don’t let it bother you. 

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