More than Hope for XF3

Frank Spotnitz responded to a fan’s email this morning to say that while there will be no X-Files film this year, there is more than hope for XF3.

“There won’t be a movie this year, Beth, but there is more than hope – those of us insisting on a third movie are right; those who doubt its creative and commercial potential are simply dead wrong. Don’t give up!”

The Believe in the Future campaign has been going strong for the last four years with no intention of stopping. We hope you will stick around with us because once this film does get made and hits theaters, it will be the biggest, most long-overdue fan party of all time. Don’t give up, because no one gets there alone.


XFN on Frank Spotnitz’ Latest Statement

Many of us had been waiting for awhile for some sort of opinion, announcement, or sign of what the future of XF3 would be. We thought that when we delivered thousands of postcards and pictures and got to show some power by trending in Twitter, we would catch the attention of 20th Century Fox and get them to give some positive sign of what we wanted.

But this wasn’t the case, or at least not in a blatant and public way.

Just like we said to all of you when we came back from the meeting at FOX, we have never imagined letting go of our goal, and this latest statement from Frank Spotnitz doesn’t make us waver one bit. He’s very clear in his intentions and resolve to get this movie done, if it depended on him

Is it frustrating to be in this situation? Yes, it is. Is it tiresome? Does it seem like a crazy enterprise? Does it make you question if it will ever happen? 

Yes–to all of those questions. It doesn’t mean though that we’re planning to give up anytime soon.

Just like we said in January, when we set out on this quest of getting XF3 green lit, we never knew it would be so hard, and that in the way there would be so many discussions about why is it worthy to give a chance to something so many people want, and so many talented people are backing up. It would seem natural and a “no brain” situation that XF3 would’ve been green lit by now… And believe us, if you are angry, if you don’t have any more patience, if you’ve lost hope, imagine the many times a day we have to face the same questions ourselves.

Imagine what the creators who love the show – passionate storytellers that created and nurtured these characters for some many years – imagine what they feel whenever they get as frustrated as we get about this very topic.

It would be easy to give up… but the hard road is to keep fighting for the very same purpose that brought us here: To hear one more X-Files story… whenever this happens. If you know us and if you’ve been in this Fandom enough to know your cohorts in every single fan community around the world, you’d know by now that we’re not the ones to take the easy and sunny path.

So to answer Frank’s question… We won’t give up. We hope to have all of you fighting with us, right by our side.


The XFN Team


119,000 Tweets and Counting

What started as a suggestion from a phile in September of 2011, has now turned into a worldwide movement with over 119,000 tweets being sent in support of a third X-Files feature film.

Last night, the XF3 Army’s fourth twitter event took place, and after three previous events rocketed the campaign into the top 10 hashtags on twitter, an X-Files hashtag had yet to become a Trending Topic.

That all changed at 6pm Pacific Time on March 10th when #TXF3 suddenly appeared as the 4th trending topic WORLDWIDE and stayed there for half an hour.

We would like to thank the philes that participated and the XF3 Army worldwide for their support. This is NOT over, so look for more trending events coming soon to a Twitter near you!



March 10th – X-Files Tweet-A-Thon

Looking for a way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Mulder and Scully’s first meeting in the “Pilot”? Well then have we got a party for you! Join us on Saturday, March 10th to not only show your love for Mulder and Scully, but to show 20th Century Fox that this fandom is in it until we win it!

We’re headed back to Twitter for another XF3 campaign. Like last time, it will run from the moment the first time zone (New Zealand) hits midnight on March 10th until the last time zone (Hawaii) hits midnight on March 11th.

So wherever you are in the world, join us in tweeting for a third film. You can also tweet directly to Fox (@20thcenturyfox), too. Check out the guidelines below to help us make the biggest impact possible.

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