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    It's Back! The X-Files is coming back to television! Check out the latest details.

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    Coming up... The newest show from Frank Spotnitz soon to hit our screens!

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  • X-Files Revival?
    X-Files Revival? Check out the latest on the Fox talks to revive 'The X-Files'!

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  • Gillian Anderson
    Gillian Anderson Watch our interview with Gillian Anderson to find out more about her first book, 'A Vision of Fire'.

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  • Game On!
    Game On! The X-Files Board Game is coming October 15th from IDW Games!

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  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris Meet the scribe, the man and the fan behind "The X-Files: Season 10"

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  • XFN Exclusive
    XFN Exclusive Chris Carter shares a few words with us on the past, present and future of The X-Files.

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Featured Video - Lightning Field

Just in time for the #XfilesRevival announcment, JojokersinaXF made a new vid, Lightning Strike. Enjoy this look back at everything The X-Files brought to the table wrapped up in a beautifully edited vid. Has this not been the best week ever to be a Phile? 


Guys... guys... guys! We're getting new X-Files! Warm up your hard drives and sweet talk your favorite vidding program because all new material will soon be available for your vidding pleasure. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if there's a new vid you think we should see or a new vid you've made and maybe we'll feature it in the weeks and months to come. Get to vidding, Philes, and hang on for the incredible journey to come!

Recap & Review: Scorpion's "Young Hearts Spark Fire"


This week everything in the world of entertainment was on fire... even Scorpion. A group of hikers get lost and the team has to save them while they face some burning questions of their own.

For the Recap and Review, click Read More.

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Review: Better Call Saul - Rico



From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, we got a glimpse of both ends of the spectrum this week in the eighth episode of Better Call Saul, “Rico”.

For the full review and recap hit the jump.

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Millennium Monday: Recap of "Blood Relatives"


After a few technical delays, and some further flail-induced delays thanks to Tuesday's big announcement, we can finally bring you this week's Millennium Monday. Read after the break to see our recap of "Blood Relatives".

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XFN Exclusive: Chris Carter on #XFilesRevival

032415 X-Files

There's just so many people that you'd want to talk to at this moment in X-Files history; the first of which is the show's creator, Mr. Chris Carter. This conversation takes place on March 25th, 2015 as he drives down the California coast and as I sit 3,938 miles away, by my desk with a weak cup of coffee. After the deserved congratulations are exchanged, I tell him that we need to know just how excited he is to come back to The X-Files.

"I'm very excited." Carter starts. "I've known about (the greenlight) for quite a long time, the negotiations took so many months, I can't believe it! They were just finalized on Monday, so this is all brand new."

As we first reported during the late summer and in interviews Chris Carter engaged in during the fall of 2014, there were a few mentions of interest in turning the XF3 project into a mini-series instead of a movie. Multiple media outlets had reported that talks started to heat up in November 2014, with a formal declaration of intention by FOX TV at the TCA's in January 2015. With the fandom, the cast, and the crew now joining in the conversation, the final and official confirmation that the show will be back has been received with the highest of praises.

Carter seems pleased with the reaction. "Certainly, everyone else is really excited which makes me excited. But as I said, it's been a long time in the making."

Read more: XFN Exclusive: Chris Carter on #XFilesRevival

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